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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2320

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Chapter 2320 The officer glanced at Cameron and smiled. “Miss, please
leave your signature here.” Cameron grabbed the pen and turned to look at Waylon. Waylon rested bis
head on his upper arm, propped his elbow against the desktop, stared at lier, and gave olla saint smile.
“Don‘t worry. You can take your time to think about it.”

The officer looked at the two of them.

“These two are definitely here to get married. However, this lady doesn‘t seem to be completely ready f
or marriage.‘

Cameron took a deep breath, bit the
bullet, and signed on the certificate. The corners of Waylon‘s lips twitched without leaving a trace
behind to be noticed. After going through all the procedures, one of the officers issued their certificate o
f marriage To them. “Congratulations, Mister and Missus Goldmann.” Cameron could
not help but want to incinerate the piece of paper in her hands. Seeing that Waylon was staring at hier,
she was afraid that he would snatch the certificate, so she hurriedly shoved it into her bag. “I’ll make it c
lear first. This certificate is now in my possession. You‘re not allowed to take it from me at any time.” He
smiled. “Okay, I promise.”

He then sent Cameron back to Emperon. After Cameron entered the villa, Waylon took a copy of their
marriage certificate out of his pocket, captured a photo of it, and uploaded it onto the “Macho Gang” gro
up chat box.

(Nolan: ???) (Helios:???) (Colton:???)

# [email protected] Wayne: Oh yes, that‘s my eldest grandson right there. You‘ve actually managed to win the
daughter of the Southerns over so quickly.# !! [email protected]: Look man, both of your sons have caug
ht up with you. # [email protected]: Did you just eat sh*1?!!

# Francisco: What did I just miss… //

# [email protected] Wayne: GG, Wayne, GG!! Al this time, Tanner uploaded a OR code to the group chat box. #
Tanner: Take this as a tiny gift from Uncle Tanner, congrats @Wayne!!

#Hector: Thank you, Tanner.

#Helios: Thanks, bud!

#Louis: Thanks for helping a brother

Nolan: Thanies. #Yorrick:a Nolan: Oh, you‘re actually shameless enough to scan the code? Are you alr
aid that we won‘t be there when Wayne gets married?!

Yorrick has been removed from the group chat
by admin Nolan.# At that moment, Waylon‘s cell phone rang. The screen showed that it was Titus‘ num
ber. He picked it up and answered the call, “Great–grandpa.”

“You brat! Why didn‘t you tell me that you‘ve found yourself a girlfriend? Are you planning to hide her fr
om your great–grandmother and me for the rest of our lives?” Titus scolded him on the phone.

Waylon chuckled helplessly. “I haven‘t found the time to inform you.” “Hmph! You haven‘t found the time
to tell me, but you had the time to tell Morrison cverything.”

Waylon got out of the car. “But I knew that he‘d surely tell you about it.”

“Okay, stop explaining yourself. I won‘t listen to any of your excuses. I‘ll go back to Zlokovia in a few day

“Yeah… We have.”

After a while, Sunny burst into laughter. “Not bad, Cameron, not bad at all. I told you that I have a good e

“Wait, Dad, then what about my cards?”

Sunny tulted. “I unfroze your cards long ago, don‘t you know about that? What‘s
wrong? You must have used your cards wäile you were in Bassburgh, right?”

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