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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2323

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Chapter 2323 Zeplir placed the phone down
and walked over with a smile. “Why are you here?” Daisie looked around. “Can we talk?” Zephir‘s smile
faded a little. After a pause, he walked to the couch and poured some hot water into the kettle. “Of cou
rse we can. About what?”

“Zeph, I‘d like to have Pierre back on set.”

He paused and raised his brows at her.

Daisie calınly said, “He wasn‘t wrong. And since we still need to find someone to replace him, . that will
be too much of a hassle. Why not just bring him back?”

“Daisie, even if he wasn‘t at fault, he indirectly affected the shoot. I was just concerned about


Daisie asked, “Did you find out what really happened?” Zephir looked at her and didn‘t speak.

“Zeph, Tiffany was the one who affected the
shoot. If she hadn‘t misled Pierre, none of that would have happened. But why was Pierre fired while Tif
fany got to walk away by herself?”

Zephir got up. “Daisie, are you suspecting me of something?” She looked serious. “I don‘t want to, Zep
h.” Unfortunately, she couldn‘t help but do it. If Nollace could get to the bottom of things, why couldn‘t h
e? He knew that Tiffany was the problem, yet
Pierre was the one sent away. Il Tiffany was afraid that the actor would snitch, it would only benefit her i
f he was sent away. However, the director hadn‘t requested for Pierre to leave. Zephir was the one who
had done that. There was no way she didn‘t suspect him. Zephir walked over to her and held her shoul
der. “I did all that because I wanted to keep you safe.”

Daisie was surprised.

“You fainted because of the sever during the shoot and almost drowned. No one would be able to take
responsibility for that, so I couldn‘t let him stay. Do you understand?” She took a deep breath. “What ab
out Tiffany?”

Zephir fell silent.

Daisie pushed his hand away. “Zeph, if you think that Pierre is in the wrong, so is Tiffany. Did you really
investigate, or did you choose to help lier cover up? Are you the person who‘s backing her up?”

The last question made
Zephir‘s face drop, and he balled up his fists. After a long pause, he said, “What kind of person do you t
hink I am?”

The question sounded weak.

Daisie looked dowi: “I don‘t know.

used to think that you were a gentle and understanding person. Then I started struggling to understand
who you are. I think you‘ve changed, yet you might not have.
All I know is that you‘re no longer the Zeph of the past.“> Zephir looked at her for a long time. “Maybe y
ou never really knew me, Daisie, including how I

“Zeph!” She cut him off. “I hope that we‘ll still be friends.”

lle revealed a sad smile. “What if I don‘t want to be friends?”

Daisie pressed her lips together and turned to walk to the door. She stopped but didn‘t look back. “If that

She opened the door and left. Zephir smiled, but his face slowly turned dark. “Could you be so cruel to m

The next day… During the shoot, Zephir would ask to reshoot every time Daisie made a small mistake.

The crew members were all shocked. Daisie would usually just need one reshoot, and Shannon thought

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