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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2322

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Chapter 2322 Waylon pulled her into a hug. “Since he already knows that we‘ve registered our marriag
e, why not just go all the way? We shouldn‘t let the old man down.”

Cameron gnashed lier teeth. “I‘ve really fallen into your trap.”

He raised her chin. “Do you hate me?”

She was surprised. “I didn‘t say that 12”

“You adore me then.” Waylon brushed her lips with his thumb
and kept his eyes on her face.” Great, I feel the saine way too. We have feelings for each other, and yo
u want me too.” TE

Cameron looked away, and her ears turned red. She whispered, “Stop playing with me.” Waylon‘s lips g
ot closer, and his breath was on her face. “Are you going to leave me alone in the room?”

Cameron snapped back
and immediately escaped “I don‘t want your dirty ideas.” She quickly left. Waylon was still smiling Cam
eron immediately locked her door after getting into her room. She leaned against the door and
took a deep breath, her heart racing. Did she really run away? She was ashamed that she wasn‘t as flir
ty as a man. The next day, at Coralia…

Daisie went to the performance class to see the actor. The teacher brought her in and asked the actor

When the actor saw Daisie, he was surprised. Once the teacher walked away, Daisie walked to him an
d asked with a smile, “You‘re Pierre, right? Can I speak to you?” Pierre lowered his head and didn‘t spe
ak as though he was afraid of something. Daisie looked around. “Don‘t worry, I‘m not here to cause trou

ble. I‘m just here to ask why you left.” Pierre was suddenly very impatient. “You already know why.” She

He continued. “That woman was right. You‘re surely going to take revenge. You‘re not as nice as you lo
ok. Even when you said that it wasn‘t a big deal,
you still got the director to send me away.” Daisie was shocked. “Who told you that I asked the director
to do that?”

Pierre refused to speak, but Daisie had an idea who it was. “Was it Tiffany Cullen?”

He still wouldn‘t reply.

Daisie looked down with a calm expression. “You‘ve been lied to, and I don‘t blame you. I hope

that you won‘t blindly listen to what others tell you. You need to find out more information and form your
own conclusion.” She leaned forward and looked at Pierre. “I won‘t ask for your understanding, but re
member to make your own judgment about the things that happen in the future. I didn‘t ask the director
to send you away, so I want to have you back on the team if you‘re still willing.”

Pierre was surprised.

Daisie handed him a piece of paper. “Think about it and give me a call. I‘ll be waiting.” Then she turned a

Pierre watched as she walked away and crushed the paper in his hand. Daisie returned to the set. What

Tiffany had obviously misled Pierre. Had Zephir really investigated this?

Daisie pressed her lips together and suddenly stopped a crew member. “Where‘s Zephir?”

Slie had to speak to him. The member replied, “He‘s in his room.” Daisie walked over,
knocked on the door, and entered. Zephir had just gotten off a phone call and was surprised to see Dais

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