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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2327

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Chapter 2327

Freyja went forward and picked her up. “Charm, why are you crying? All right, all right, Mommy is here.”

However, Charm did not stop crying, no matter how Freyja tried to comfort her.

Freyja touched her diaper and lowered her head. “Oh no, she has pooped.”

She hastily threw Charm into Colton’s arms, stunning him. “Wait. She pooped, so why did you give her
to me?”

While Freyja was opening up a new diaper, she said, “She’s your daughter. How can you say no to you
r daughter’s poop?”

Colton was rendered speechless.

Freyja gave him the diaper and said, “You do it.”

He was stunned again. “I do it?”

She urged him, “Yes, hurry up. I’ll guide you.”

Colton put his daughter back on the bed. The disgust on his face was really evident
when he undid her diaper.

Freyja could barely suppress her laugh.

When she saw Colton was going to wipe their daughter’s butt with a paper towel, she cleared her throa
t and looked at the box of baby wipes.

After Colton wiped their daughter’s butt with the baby wipes, he helped her to put on the diaper.

Freyja chimed in and said, “You’ve got it backward.”

“There is a difference?”

She chuckled. “It’s okay. You’ll get it after changing it a few more times.”

After a long time, Colton
finally helped his daughter put on a new diaper. He did not expect that raising a child was even more dif
ficult than signing a contract.

Charm had slept a lot, so she did not go back to sleep anymore. She kept her eyes open and looked at

Freyja sat at the side of the bed and held out her fingers for her to grab and play with.

Charm giggled.

Colton went closer and caressed her cheek. “My daughter looks like an angel.”

His daughter’s skin had smoothened out and was not as
crumpled as when she was born. At the very least, she was not that ugly now.

Charm raised her leg and kicked his face, causing Freyja to let out a laugh.

Colton grabbed her little feet. “Is this how you treat your father?”

Charm kicked him again and laughed happily.



#Tiffany is on a variety show.#

#Tiffany revealed there is another story to the “badger game.“#

After Daisie woke up and arrived at the shooting site to get her makeup done, she saw these two pieces

Just as Nollace had expected, Tiffany blamed the female influencer and told everyone that she was the

Even though many netizens refused to believe her and thought she was just making excuses, it still gav
amount of exposure.

In the entertainment industry, there were a lot of celebrities who became popular in this way. They first m

Right now, the comment section was flooded with Tiffany’s followers.

#Tiff is just stating the truth. She isn’t a hypocrite like someone.#

#Hah, I’m sure Daisie must’ve done something. That’s
why Tiff dislikes her so much. Besides, she has the guts to admit her mistake, so I
don’t understand why you are all scolding her. Are you sure there is nothing wrong with Daisie? Just bec
to follow her? #

#I suggest Daisie’s followers stop bringing more hatred to her. It’s embarrassing. If it weren’t for her fam

Meanwhile, Daisie received a call from an unknown number. She answered it, and it was a call from Pie

After Daisie
finished her conversation with Pierre, she went to look for Shannon. After she shared her thoughts with S
suitable young actor, he nodded in the end.

Just when Daisie
was about to go away, she ran into Zephir. She was stunned for a moment but braced herself and walke

He stopped in his tracks, turned around to look at Daisie, and pressed his lips tightly.

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