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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2329

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Chapter 2329

and Zephir had been good friends since they were young. After Lisa’s incident, Zephir and Lea were th
e people who helped her get back on her feet.

Nollace looked at him and said, “He sees Daisie more than as a friend.”

Colton clicked his tongue and replied, “Are you jealous of him?”

Nollace picked up the cup and chuckled. “Why should I be
jealous of him? You’ve underestimated Daisie’s love for me. She’ll only stand on my side.”

Colton snorted. “Stop it. It’s gross.”

Nollace took a sip from the tea and asked, “Did Zephir do anything in the past?”

Colton thought for a while and asked, “What do you mean?”

He said, “Has Zephir ever done anything behind Daisie’s back?”

Colton fell silent for a moment and suddenly remembered
something. “Do you still remember what Lisa said when she was trying to hurt Daisie?”

Nollace thought
for a while and replied, “She said it’s you and Daisie who destroyed her future since you guys were the
ones who made her unable to study at any school in Bassburgh.”

“Daisie thought I did it, but it wasn’t me. Still, I’m not sure if it’s his doing or not.”

They were the last ones to learn that Lisa had been expelled from the school. As for why she had been
expelled, Colton had assumed it was a decision made by the school. He had not done anything and ha
d never ordered the schools in Bassburgh not to accept Lisa.

However, other than the Goldmanns, only the Goslings could do such things at that time.


Edison arrived at the house of the female influencer. He knocked on the door for a long while, but no on
e came to answer the door.

Edison frowned. He had been watching the female influencer for a few days and hadn’t seen her leave
the house.

Feeling that something was not right, Edison kicked the door open and entered the room. The female in
fluencer was lying unconscious on the side of the bed, and the floor was littered with a bottle of medicin

When Nollace came out of Blackgold, he received a call from Edison. “Sir, Ms. Larson tried to kill hersel
f by taking sleeping pills. I’ve already sent her to the hospital.”

Nollace frowned. “How is she now?”

Edison replied, “The doctor has performed gastric lavage, and she’s safe now.”

“Watch her closely in the hospital. I’m on my way back.”

Nollace ended the call and frowned deeply.

At Coralia, at the hospital…

Edison was standing outside
of the ward. After the female influencer came around, he went inside, “Ms. Larson.”

The female influencer looked at the ceiling blankly. “Why am I not dead yet?”

She had lost the courage to live.

She had to suffer mean comments from the netizens and her neighbors. Whenever she went, people w
ould look at her with contempt as if she was the worst kind of person in the world. She had to live in fea
r every day, and she really had enough of it.

Standing at the side of the bed, Edison asked, “Why did you try to end your life?”

“I can’t keep it going anymore. I’m scared…” Tears were trickling down from the corner of her eyes. She

All she had done was just put on a show. She thought she would have nothing to do with it after getting
she did not expect that she would end up being somebody else’s scapegoat.

She wanted to tell the truth. She wanted to tell everyone that things were not as Tiffany said.

But she was scared…

She was scared that Tiffany might come and look for her.

Edison looked at her and said,
“If you die, then Tiffany will get what she wants. I’m sure you know who put you in this situation. Are you

The female influencer was stunned.

‘Yeah, he’s right. I can’t just die like that. Why must I be her scapegoat?‘

After she calmed down, Edison asked, “What does Tiffany have on you?”

The female influencer clutched tightly at
the duvet. She still didn’t trust Edison completely so she asked, “Who are you? Why are you helping me

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