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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2332

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Chapter 2332 ‘Moreover, Mr. Tanner Hannigan, who‘s present, has business connections with Mr. Nola
n Goldmann. Does she plan to offend the Goldmanns by saying this?‘ Seeing that they did
not believe in her, Tiffany took out her phone and found the photos in her phone‘s photo album. “This w
as taken by one of the members of our crew. You can take a look at them.”

In the photos, James‘ actions toward Daisie looked a little intimate. It was difficult for someone who did
not know the context not to misunderstand them.

“Is Daisie having an affair with James?”

“However, I heard that James and Daisie are rather close. This seems to make sense now.”

Tanner did not say anything from the beginning to the end since everyone saw the photos. After some ti
me, he placed his wine glass down, patted the director on his shoulder, and got up. “I‘ll go back first. I‘ll
update you about my decision.”

The director sent them away with a grin. “Okay, thank you for coming.”

Tiffany felt smug deep down.

‘If Daisie and James have the balls to attend this variety show, the only thing awaiting them in the near
future will be a scandal.

‘It‘d be best if the fans of both parties were to start
a Twitter war, the more intense the fight, the better. That would be
a perfect incident to suppress the public‘s opinion about me. So why not?‘

The next day, the crew behind the variety show “24 Hours in an Inn” tweeted a post.

#New guest Amy Holt to replace Tiffany Cullen as a permanent guest on the show.#

After the tweet was posted, all netizens were shocked. Tiffany had been replaced after only one appear
ance in the variety show “24 Hours in an Inn“. Many netizens speculated that Tiffany had been affected
by public opinion from the previous incident.

After seeing the news, Tiffany called the director immediately, “Sir, didn‘t you agree to let me onto the s
how as a resident guest? Why–“.

“I only invited you to our show because of Mr. Gosling. And the first thing you do after appearing on one
episode is blabbering nonsense last night in front of all our investors? You‘re the one who‘s offended ot
hers. What do you expect me to do to save you?”

The director of the show hung up the phone.

Tiffany froze in place.

‘Did I just get replaced because I claimed that Daisie has an intimate relationship with James?‘

She was so exasperated that she flung her phone on the ground and smashed it. “F*ck! Why? Is it bec
ause Daisie has a strong background and a backer?”

She walked to the couch, sat down, picked up her laptop, logged into her Twitter
account, and posted a tweet.

#What can I do in front of a capitalist? I admit defeat…#

Her fans then started to send her consolation messages and retweeted her tweet.

Everyone also managed to guess who the “capitalist” she mentioned was.

Tiffany’s fans were furious, and they started tagging the official Twitter account of “24 Hours in an Inn” a
nd reprimanded the crew, while some of them connoted Daisie in their tweets. Even the official Twitter

account of Tenet Media was not spared from the war.

#Can someone bully others just because you have the money? Tiffany knelt before the public and apol
ogized, so how can somebody get back at her after all that she’s done?#

#Someone even told the public that she didn’t rely on her family to make her debut in showbiz. Isn’t this
a smack in her own face? Isn’t she relying on her family now?#

#Hehe, she is a little princess in the circle,
so what are we ordinary people to her? Be careful, or else we’ll all be blocked by the capitalist behind h

At that moment, at the studio in Coralia…

Tiffany’s fans gathered outside the studio, demanding justice for Tiffany.

Daisie’s posters were painted with red crosses and trampled by them. The group of fans was so aggress

James and Daisie passed by, and James
clicked his tongue when he saw the commotion outside the studio. “Have Tiffany’s
fans lost their minds?”

Daisie had seen such scenes so many times before this that she was not taken aback by the protest. “It

She was about to leave when a shriek came from behind.

“Daisie Goldmann!”

An emotional fan snuck in through the blockade, went straight to her, and splashed an unknown liquid in

James quickly stretched his arm out to block the liquid. “Hey! Look out!”

James’s arm managed to block the liquid, and a strong burning sensation distorted his expression.

Daisie realized something, grabbed him, and supported him. “It’s sulfuric acid!”

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