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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2331

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Chapter 2331

Daisie glanced at Nollace in the mirror. “Why should I ask you about that?”

Nollace raised his eyebrows. “Do you trust me to this extent?”

She snorted softly. “Do you have the guts to betray me?”

The corners of Nollace’s lips curled upward. “I already have a little devil at home. How would I still have
the energy to do something out there that betrays my baby’s trust?”

On the other side of the city, in a private club…

Tiffany stood outside the private room, applying lip balm to the mirror. The private room was filled with t
he investors and the director of a variety show.

Gosling has presented me with so many opportunities to participate in variety shows, and he wants me
to seize them by myself. As for whether I’ll be able to regain popularity or not, that will depend on me.

‘The background and identity of the investors are very prominent in the local entertainment industry, so
I must seize the opportunity. As long as I can entertain them and form a close relationship with all of the
m tonight, I won’t have to be afraid that I’ll lose all support in the future.

‘I must fight my way up the ladder and build my own strong foothold in the entertainment industry as so
on as possible. This is the only way for me to make myself worthy of Mr. Gosling.

She pushed open the private room’s door,
walked toward the investors with a grin, and sat down but realized that she could not even find a gap to
introduce herself.

The investors were chit–
chatting about something and did not even notice that Tiffany had sat down beside them. It was obviou
s that Tiffany was not famous enough to them, and her appearance was not enough to distract them fro
m the topic.

“Mr. Hannigan, it’s good to know that you’ve recently started investing in the entertainment industry. We
recently started a project known as “24 Hours in an Inn“, where we allow celebrities to experience life.
Are you interested in taking a look at the proposal?”

Tanner clinked his wine glass with the man beside him. “This sounds interesting.” “Oh

yes, this is one of the guests of the variety show, Tiffany Cullen.” Only then did the director remember t
o introduce Tiffany.

Tiffany smiled and raised her wine glass, wanting to clink it against Tanner’s.
“Mr. Hannigan, please do give me more advice.”

Tanner turned to look at the director. “Is she one of the S–tier celebrities?”

Tiffany, who got ignored, raised her glass in mid–
air in embarrassment, and her expression stiffened slightly.

The director explained with a smile, “She’s not one of the S–
tier, but she’s very famous recently. Isn’t the guests‘ popularity one of the more important factors that wi
ll affect the audience rating of variety shows?”

What happened to Tiffany recently was indeed a trending topic.

Tanner said, “In terms of fame, she’s not as famous as James Tell. I wish to see Daisie Goldmann and
James Tell participate in this show.”

The director felt helpless. “I thought about inviting James and Daisie too, but their schedule seems to cl
ash with ours.”

“Then just wait until both our schedules match.”

Tiffany’s hand clenched the glass’s foot tightly.

‘What the f*ck!? What’s wrong with this Mr. Hannigan? Does he think that I’m not as good as the two of
them only because Daisie is one of the S–
tier celebrities that’s very popular and James is the famous king of variety shows?‘

Something came to Tiffany’s mind suddenly, and she asked, “Wouldn’t it be bad
for a variety show to invite Daisie and James onto its show?”

Tanner’s expression dimmed slightly.

The expressions of the director and the other investors changed too.

‘Does this actress know what she’s saying?‘

sensed that the atmosphere in the room had gone wrong and quickly explained herself, “What I’m trying
while they’re acting in the


“If you were to ask me for my opinion about their relationship, I don’t think it’s very appropriate for them t

The director was shocked. “You… You shouldn’t be badmouthing another person without any concrete e

‘Daisie is the daughter of the Goldmanns of Bassburgh. Even all the capitalists in the entertainment indu

‘Since her debut, her career has been smooth sailing. In addition to having a strong background, her ha

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