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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2330

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Chapter 2330

Edison replied, “I work for Mr. Knowles. Mr. Knowles is going to give you a chance to prove your innoce
nce. I’m sure you know who’s the mastermind behind this incident, right?”

The female influencer’s face turned pale.

She fell silent for a moment before spilling the truth, “Tiffany and I were college friends. We graduated f
rom the same film academy. However, after I graduated, I could only work on some web series. I could
n’t make a name for myself, so I decided to become an influencer. As for her, she did better than me
in the entertainment industry…”

She was far behind Tiffany in terms of her fame and status in the entertainment industry.

Even though Tiffany was not an A–lister, she was a C–
list actress at the very least. However, Sophie was an F–
lister, still living in straitened circumstances even after becoming an influencer.

Sophie told her fans that she was a socialite, but the reality was that everything she owned, including h
er luxury house and sports cars, was not hers. She rented from other people. Therefore, she owed a lot
of money, but luckily, her income as an influencer was able to pay off the installment. 1

Later, she slowly started losing her followers. She couldn’t pay off the installment anymore with her sala
ry, so she had no choice but to borrow money from Tiffany.

Tiffany lent her $40,000 without any hesitation, so Sophie was very thankful for her at that time.

After that, Tiffany asked her for help in setting up Nollace.

She had hesitated for a long time but couldn’t say no to Tiffany because she still owed her money. In th
e end, she had no other choice but to help Tiffany.

After Edison learned the whole thing, he said, “So, you helped her to set up Mr. Knowles because you
owe $40,000?”

Sophie lowered her head and said, “There’s nothing I could do. She wanted me to pay her back the mo
ney in one go if I refused to help her. I don’t have that much money. She knows that I owe a
lot of debts, and everything I have, including those luxury bags, sports cars, and the luxury house, is
rented. If she exposes me on the Internet, my career will be ruined.”

Tiffany knew all her secrets. She was not a socialite who came to
experience life but an ordinary model.

She initially gained a lot of fans by telling everyone that she was a “socialite” who came to experience li
fe, and everyone believed in her. If Tiffany exposed her, then she wouldn’t be able to continue to be an i
nfluencer anymore.

Sophie covered her face and cried.

She was just doing Tiffany a favor. She did not
expect things to turn out this way. Now she had become the street rat that everyone despised. She had
had enough of facing cyber violence and the glares of her neighbors every day.

Edison sighed. “You still have your hands and feet, so I’m sure you can find a way to feed

yourself even after you stop being an influencer. You’re just trapped by your fake persona. You can’t let
go of the life of standing under the limelight and
being adored by other people. Fame and fortune are a double–

edged sword. When you’re enjoying your life, you should consider the consequences of exposure. Wha
t you lack is the courage to face it. Otherwise, Tiffany’s threat wouldn’t be able to work for you.

“On the contrary, the one who should be wary of you is her. You’re not even afraid of death, so why do
you have to be afraid of her threat?”


It was already 7:00 p.m. by the time Nollace returned to Coralia.

He received a message from Edison.

[All done.]

After reading the message, he stored the phone in his pocket. When he returned to the suite in the hote
drying her hair in the bathroom.

She was wearing a very thin nightgown that accentuated her figure.

Nollace stepped into the bathroom and hugged her from the back. As he sniffed her hair, he commented

She blinked and said, “Help me to dry my hair.”

Nollace chuckled and took over the hairdryer. While he ran his fingers over her soft and silky hair, he as

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