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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2334

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Chapter 2334

“pfft, it only hurt my arm. Besides, what kind of man will I be if I don’t have a scar or two on my body?”

James’s assistant shook his head. “If your face got hurt, you’d be weeping now.”

Daisie pursed her lips tightly and lowered her gaze. “I’m the
one who got you into this mess.” James leaned on the pillow. “We’re brothers, so there’s no need for us
to get all entangled in this topic of who got who into trouble. Besides, I’m a man. Shouldn’t I be the one
who stands up whenever such things happen?”

Shannon and Nollace appeared outside the ward at this moment, and Daisie got up from her chair.

Shannon came over and stared at James. “How’s the injury?”

James grinned. “It’s okay, don’t worry, I can still move my hand, so it won’t affect the shooting much.”

Shannon sighed and said earnestly, “I really didn’t expect so many things to happen throughout
the filming.”

‘We first encountered a huge blizzard, then Daisie
fell sick and almost got drowned, and now James has been hospitalized due to a sulfuric acid assault.
Did we start the shooting of this drama at an unlucky time?‘

It was hard for him not to have such thoughts.

James said, “That means that the drama will be very popular. We’re still persevering after running into s
o many obstacles. This will definitely be a great hit, don’t you think?”

He amused everyone in the ward.

“Okay, don’t talk too much, and get some rest already. You should take good care of your injuries first. I’
ll provide you with the result of our investigation soon.”

Shannon left the ward with James‘ assistant and some other members of the crew after saying that.

Only Daisie, Nollace, and James were left in the ward.

Nollace walked to the bed and patted him on the shoulder. “I owe you one.”

He had asked James to take care of Daisie for him when they were the crew because he trusted Jame
s‘ character, but he did not expect that he would block an acid attack for Daisie.

James still looked as if it was not a big deal. “Alright then. If I run into any kind of trouble in the future, I’l
l come to you. Will that be fine?”

Nollace nodded. “Of course.”

He gave Nollace a thumbs up. “Cool. I just love to deal with people who are as bold and forthright as yo

Daisie followed Nollace out of the ward, but she stopped halfway. “Nollace, I don’t want to let Tiffany off
so easily.”

‘It’s obvious how Tiffany’s fans got to know where the studio is. And the fact they had the courage to cre
ate a stir at the shooting site must have something to do with Tiffany’s instigation.‘

Nollace turned to look at her and
then stretched out his hand to take her into his arms. “Don’t worry. Today will be the last day she gets t
o enjoy peace.”

Tiffany got scolded so much that she had to deactivate her Twitter account temporarily. At present, she
could only hide in her residence, hide behind the curtain, and look downstairs.

By doing so, she saw many agitated fans of James gathering downstairs and reporters, hoping to get s
ome photos of her.

She was biting her nails.

‘I only wanted to make Daisie suffer a little, but who knew that James would block the acid for her?

‘Heh, who will believe it when the two of them say they’re not in that kind of relationship?‘

She picked up her cell phone and used another account she had created to post a photo on Twitter, hop

However, not long after the photo was released, she was thoroughly smacked in the face.

#Are you dumb? Daisie and James are close friends, okay?#

#You’re one of Tiffany’s fans, aren’t you?#

#What kind of piece of trash
would spread rumors about “The DJ Brotherhood“? Does your household even have an Internet connec

#Everybody knows that James and Daisie are best friends and partners. James previously claimed on a
women older than him, while Daisie looks like an innocent and beautiful princess, which is obviously not
and a buddy.#

#Everybody also knows that Daisie has a husband, okay? This photo of yours only seems weird becaus

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