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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2335

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Chapter 2335 Tiffany was utterly dumbfounded, and her hand that was holding the phone was tremblin

‘How did things develop to where they are now? Is this it for me? Am I done already?‘

She suddenly remembered someone and immediately found a number on her phone and dialed it. After
a long time, the call went through. “Zep–
Mr. Gosling, I‘m in some trouble, and you‘re the only person who can help me now. Can you…” Zephir
asked indifferently, “Who told you to attack Daisie?” She was stunned for a split second. “…”

“Tiffany, I‘ve helped you once and presented you with loads of opportunities. So ask yourself, what hav
e you done?”

It sounded like he was questioning her.

Tiffany bit her lip. “I… I didn‘t do it on
purpose. It‘s just that I‘ve run out of ideas. The “24 Hours in an Inn” variety show‘s team replaced me wi
thout even providing me with an explanation. That‘s why I—” He interrupted her and
asked, “Don‘t you know the relationship between Mr. Tanner Hannigan and the legendary Mr. Nolan Go
ldmann?” Tiffany‘s face turned as pale as death.

Could it be that Mr. Hannigan knows the
Goldmanns? That‘s why the show replaced me after what I said the other night?‘

“Mr. Gosling, please help me out! Didn‘t you say that you would help me? I really know what I‘ve done
wrong now!”

“You want
me to help you?” Zephir gave off an indifferent smirk. “Why should I help you?” Tiffany froze instantly, a

nd all the blood drained from her
face. “But didn‘t you promise that if I admitted what I did and quit the crew, you‘d certainly help me?”

“But I didn‘t expect you to be such an idiot.”

Zephir stood in front of the window with a gloomy gaze. “I didn‘t give you all these chances just to give
you the courage and turn you into someone stupid enough to go against Daisie. Who do you think you
are? You‘re such a bumptious, presumptuous woman. I really thought too highly of you. You‘re not wort
h my time and effort at all.”

“Mr. Gosling… But you‘re the one who asked me to do that thing. Are you not afraid
I‘ll expose you if you don‘t help me?”

The only thing that she could do at this moment was to throw the handle after the blade.

The other party was silent for a moment and then scoffed. “Do you think you can threaten


Tiffany seemed to have been strangled by the neck and was unable to speak. “I asked you to frame Nol
lace in order to dissolve his marriage with Daisie, but did I ask you to do so through a female influencer
? Since you‘re the one who hired her, does she have

anything to do with me?”

His unconcerned tone caused Tiffany to slump on the ground. “W–Why would you do this to me?”

“As soon as you hired that influencer to plot against Daisie, you should’ve thought about
why I would do this to you. You’re by yourself from now onward.”

Zephir hung up the call and immediately blocked her number.

Tiffany covered her face and went into a mental breakdown.

The next day, a clarification from Sophie was published in the newspaper, alongside a threatening mess

This piece of news shocked the entire Internet. Together with Daisie’s tweet
that condemned Tiffany for her actions, the crew members also announced that it was Tiffany who instig

The criticism against Tiffany on the Internet grew, almost forcing her into committing suicide. All
the official accounts created by Tiffany’s fans were banned, and the companies that had worked with Tiff

Even in the dramas Tiffany had starred in before, she had been removed from all the cast lists. It could b
that she had been blocked and banned from all sides of the industry.

Half a month later, Tiffany seemed to have disappeared from the entertainment industry, and no one car

James had gotten discharged from the hospital, and the crew also arrived at the end of the shooting of a

The crew members were reluctant to see Daisie leave them.

Daisie carried the bouquet in her hand and bid the crew goodbye with a grin. “Thank you for taking care
itself to me in the future, I’d hope to work with you again.”

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