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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2336

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Chapter 2336

“Don’t worry. More opportunities will definitely present themselves in the future.”

Daisie turned to look at Shannon. “Then please watch over James more for me.”

James clicked his tongue. “What do you mean by that? I’m no 3–year–
old kid. Do I look like someone who can’t take care of myself?”

Shannon laughed. “Okay, I’ll take good care of this brat and save Charlie from loads of worrying news.”

Daisie and Nollace got in the car and left the crew.

On the way, Daisie leaned on the back of the seat. “I thought Tiffany would expose Zephir in order to pr
otect herself, but I didn’t expect…”

‘Not only did Tiffany disappear from the Internet, but she also chose to remain silent.‘

Nollace massaged her shoulders for her. “Perhaps she chose to be silent because she knows that even
though she wants to expose Zephir, she has nothing on him.”

Daisie was astonished for a moment. “If everything that she told the female influencer to do to you was
under his orders, wouldn’t that be something that she can hold onto?”

Nollace glanced at her. “Do you know
who was the person who got Lisa expelled from school and banned from any other school in Bassburg
h back then?”

She was startled. “I only know it’s not Colton’s doing.”

“It’s Zephir Gosling.”

Daisie froze for a bit. “What!?”

“Zephir did a lot of things behind your and Colton’s back
that led to Lisa being expelled from your school and not being taken in again by any school. It might loo
k like he did it for you on the surface, but what he did indirectly made Lisa think that you and Colton wer
e the ones who did it to her.”

Nollace tucked a lock of her hair
behind her ear. “Sometimes, it only takes a tiny push to alter the trail and result in a lot of things in the
world. If Zephir didn’t cause Lisa to be dropped out of school or even get other schools not to accept he
r again but let her continue to go
to any school after that incident, even if you and she could no longer be friends, at least she wouldn’t h
ave held a grudge against you.”

Lisa had parted ways with Daisie because of her vanity. If she had not been forced into dropping out of
school, she would at most not have been able to cross paths with Daisie ever again since then, and the
y would have only gone from being best friends to being strangers.

But at least she would not have held grudges against Daisie.

However, the incident of being expelled from school and banned from all schools in Bassburgh had bur
rowed a seed of hatred deep down at the bottom of Lisa’s heart, and it was the trigger that led to the se
ries of actions that came from Lisa later on.

Daisie lowered her gaze.

Nollace stroked her hair. “Of course, I can‘t blame Zephir for making such a decision without your permis
which was equivalent to using

Tiffany to make a tiny push. However, he never planned to save Tiffany from any of the aftermaths. All h
all this mess unscathed.”

‘Even if Zephir was the one who asked Tiffany to plan a plot against me, Tiffany was the one who approa

‘Tiffany was like a pawn to him. If Tiffany were to succeed, it’d be beneficial for him. But if Tiffany were to
or leave any evidence to Tiffany, so there‘s no chance for her to threaten him.

‘On the contrary, even
if Tiffany wanted to push the blame on him, based on Tiffany‘s latest actions and the public‘s opinion
about her, would the netizens still believe in what Tiffany


Daisie remained silent for a long time. “He used Tiffany because he already knew
she was targeting me. Just like what he did to Lisa, are you saying he doesn‘t care about what would ha
only use Tiffany when there were so many people in the crew?‘

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