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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2337

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Chapter 2337

‘I’ve always thought that Zephir was a gentle and kind big brother
who’s considerate and would put others in front of himself. But after learning of these events, I only real
ize just how terrifyingly paranoid and selfish he is.

‘As for Lisa’s incident, he did do everything for me, but he never told me anything
about it. Even if I wanted to stop being friends with Lisa, I had never considered forcing Lisa to drop out
of school.

‘This time around, he wanted to use Tiffany because she
was turning me into a target. Although his original intention was not to hurt me but to target Nollace, his
selfish behavior still hurt me indirectly, didn’t it?‘

Nollace took her into his arms and rested his chin on the top of her head. “The reason I didn’t


after him is that he didn’t really hurt you. That’s why I’m letting him go this time around. But if somethin
g similar happens again, I’ll surely settle the new and old scores once and for all with him.”

Daisie was startled and pursed her lips. “Are you doing so because of me?”

Zephir was a friend who had known Daisie and
her brothers since childhood. After learning that Zephir was the person instigating Tiffany behind all that
had happened, she really did not know how to deal with it.

‘I’ve never thought of turning Zephir into an enemy even if I can no longer be friends with him. But Nolla
ce actually ignored the fact that he had been framed and chose to let him


She clenched her hand tightly.

Nollace noticed something and kissed her forehead affectionately. “Don’t feel guilty. This is my choice.
Besides, his plan was so bad that it was almost worthless. He wanted to take advantage of the weakne
ss in our relationship to snatch you from me. He’s still too young and naïve.”

Daisie sniffed to relieve the discomfort in her nasal cavity when
her cell phone rang. She took it out and saw that it was a call from Maisie.

She picked it up and answered, “Mom?”

Maisie asked, “Have you finished filming?”

She leaned against Nollace’s shoulder. “I just finished all my shooting scenes today. What’s wrong?”

“If it’s done, take Nolly back to the Goldmann mansion. Your great–
grandfather has come back to Zlokova.”

Daisie sat up instantly. “What, Great–grandpa has returned to Zlokova?”

Back in Bassburgh, in the Goldmann mansion’s living room…

Nicholas and Nolan were sitting on the couch while a white–haired old
man sat across from them, drinking leisurely tea as he glanced at the two men. “Nick, why have you gr
own so old?”

Nicholas was rendered speechless. “Father, I’m growing old too as the days go by. It’s not rocket scien
ce, is it?”

Titus flicked
the lid of his teacup and said, “You’re not physically fit enough. As you get older, you need to exercise
more. Just take a look at me.
My legs and feet are still as flexible and nimble as they were decades ago. Don’t you dare step into a c
offin before I do, and don’t say that I’ve never warned you before that I’m aiming to reach three digits in

“Please rest assured. When you’re six feet under, I might not even have gotten one of my legs into my

Seeing the two old men arguing with each other, Nolan rubbed his temples. “Grandfather, why didn’t you

“Why should I inform you about my return? So that you could come
and pick me up from the airport?” Titus took a sip of tea. “The reason I’ve come back this time around is
to see the three little rugrats, not the two of you.”

Colton carried his daughter and led Freyja into the living room. “Great–grandpa.”

Titus turned his head, put down the teacup immediately, and stood up in surprise. “Oh, Cole, you… You
child already?”

Maisie put the fruit platter on the table and smiled. “Yes, Cole is the first among the three children to hav

Freyja nodded politely. “Nice to meet you, Great–grandpa.”

“Nice to meet you too. You must be my second great–granddaughter–in–law, right?” asked Titus.

Colton nodded. “Her name is Freyja, Freyja Pruitt.

Titus’s gaze landed on the baby in his arms. “Then, is this your son or your daughter?”

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