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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2343

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Chapter 2343 Cameron frowned. “What can she do?”

Daisie took a deep breath. “Don‘t underestimate a woman who fancies a man. She would be willing to
do anything to get him.”

Cameron was shocked. “Anything?”

Daisie nodded. “Yes. What if she drugged
him and got her way with him when he passed out? If she gets pregnant and forces my brother to marr
y her, you‘re going to lose him.”

Cameron took a sharp breath. “People do that?” Daisie advised. “I‘m not lying. Waylon is like a sheep t
o her. Trust me. She‘s going to order some wine for him.”

Cameron wasn‘t convinced, but Daisie immediately grabbed her arm. “Come with me if you don‘t believ
e me.”

“Hey, Daisie, hold on–“She was dragged over.

They sat at a table in the corner a little further from them, and Daisie picked up the napkin to cover her
face. “Wait and see.”

Cameron covered her face too. “Is this a good idea?”

Daisie said, “Don‘t worry, he‘s not going to notice us.”

Even if he did, he wouldn‘t expose them.

Nollace, who was standing behind the wall, received a text from Daisie. He smiled, got a server‘s attent
ion, and said something to him.

Soon after that, the server walked over to them with a bottle of wine and placed it on their table.

Minzy was confused. “We didn‘t order this.” Waylon said, “I did.”

He looked at the server and asked, “Please open it.”

Daisie, who was sitting at the table in the corner, peeked at Cameron. “See? I was right.”

Cameron balled up her hands and stared at them in silence.

The server poured the wine into two glasses. Minzy held the glass and raised it. “Breakfast with wine. T
hat‘s pretty interesting.”

Waylon picked up his glass, held it to his lips, and slowly sipped on it while looking toward the direction
of Daisie.

Seeing how Waylon drank the wine, Cameron couldn‘t hold her anger anymore and suddenly got up an
d rushed over to take his glass away. “Who says you can drink this?” ; Minzy looked at her in shock. “M
s. Southern?” ‘She‘s at Bassburgh!?‘

Waylon squinted. “I can‘t drink wine?”

She placed the glass down. “No.” Waylon looked at her and burst out laughing. “Why?” “No reason. Yo
u‘re just not allowed to.” Cameron pulled him up. “Come with me.” Waylon slowed down intentionally. “I
haven‘t finished my breakfast yet.”

“No!” Cameron didn‘t stop, as though she was afraid that he would turn back.

Daisie blocked her face with the menu and finally relaxed after they left the restaurant. That meant Cam

Minzy sat in her seat and looked at the breakfast on the table, feeling sad. She got the server to bring th

She was startled. ‘Was it Mr. Goldmann?‘

Daisie walked to the counter. “Nolly!”

The cashier handed the card back to him and put it away. “Ready to go?”

She smiled
and nodded. On the trip home, Daisie suddenly said, “Nolly, do you think I‘m overdoing this?” They had

Nollace put his hand on her head. “She saw Cameron in Bassburgh with her own eyes, so she should h

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