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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2341

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Chapter 2341

After dinner. Wavlon asked Cameron to return to Emperon first. Daisie and Nollace gave her a ride bec
ause it was on their way home.

In the car, Daisie saw that Cameron had her eyes on the view outside and wasn‘t speaking.

She pressed her lips together and asked, “Cameron, how do you feel about my brother?”

Cameron paused and looked back. “He‘s fine. Why?”

“Do you not like him?”

“I… didn‘t say that.” Cameron looked down. “Shouldn‘t getting married be something that both parties
agree to? I don‘t want to get married yet.“.

She had been tricked into registering for their marriage, and now she was being rushed into having a w
edding. She hadn‘t really thought about it and didn‘t want to get married before doing that

Daisie stopped speaking.

The car stopped outside Emperon, and Cameron got out.

After Cameron entered the house, Daisie leaned back in her seat. “Nolly, do you think that Sunny is bei
ng selfish for pushing Cameron and Waylon to be together?”

He had never asked for Cameron‘s opinion.

Nollace had his hand on the steering wheel while he looked at her, then smiled. “Do you think Cameron
has no feelings for your brother?” Daisie was curious. “Do you think she does? Why do I have a feeling
that she‘s avoiding his feelings?”

“If she‘s avoiding it, it just shows that she doesn‘t really understand it.” Nollace parked his car in Taylort
on‘s garage. “She never confronted her own feelings, but in reality, if she really had no feelings for Wayl
on, why do you think she would stay here for so long?” 1

Daisie was taken aback. That makes sense.‘ If Cameron didn‘t have feelings for him, she wouldn‘t have
been jealous on set the other day. Since she was jealous, it showed that she had feelings for him.

Nollace unbuckled his seatbelt and turned to look at her. “They
need a bit of threat to come between them.”

She was confused. “Crisis?“.

“If she likes him but wouldn‘t take a step forward, the only way is to make her feel threatened.”

Daisie immediately understood what he meant. “Are you saying that Waylon should get a woman to tes
t her?“.

Nollace smiled and brushed the tip of her nose. “Who would work best?” Daisie squinted, suddenly rec
alled someone, and smiled. “Minzy Holland?”

The woman with whom Cameron had gone on a blind date. She seemed to be interested in Waylon aft
er that.

It should work.

At Emperon..

Cameron took her shower
and walked out while drying her hair with a towel. She suddenly got a text from
Waylon, saying he wouldn‘t be back that night.

Cameron locked her phone and placed it on the desk. “Whatever.”

The next day, after Cameron awoke, she went downstairs for breakfast as usual.

However, she saw that the living room was empty, and there wasn‘t breakfast. Cameron took a look at h

‘It‘s alright. DIY then.’

Cameron made bacon and eggs, took the plate to the table, and had a few bites. She then placed the fo

Cameron added some slate and mixed it up, and it was only slightly better.

Cameron‘s phone rang, and it was Daisie calling.

Cameron picked up. “Hello.”

“Cameron, I saw Ms. Holland is in Bassburgh. Did
she ask to meet you?” Cameron frowned. “Ms. Holland?” ‘Hold on! Is she talking about Minzy?

‘But Minzy wouldn‘t come to meet me at Bassburgh unless…

‘It was to see Wayne?‘ Cameron took a deep breath. “Where did you see her?” “At the restaurant. Oh, is
elder brother?” Daisie pretended to be shocked. “Oh, why would she be meeting him?”

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