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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2344

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Chapter 2344 Daisie smirked. “She‘s worried that Waylon will go with some other girl.”

Nollace leaned in closer. “How are you going to thank me?”

Daisie kissed him on his lips.

He smiled and pinched her chin. “You‘re getting bolder.”

Daisie would blush when he kissed her, yet she was now taking the initiative.

She looked at him. “Are you not satisfied?”

He leaned in. “Not yet.”

She was bashful. “Don‘t be too greedy!”


Waylon and Cameron returned to the villa. He was removing his coat next to the door when Cameron t
urned back “Why are you removing your coat?”

He said, “I‘m feeling a bit stuffy.”

Cameron was surprised and remembered that he had drunk some wine. “Who said you could drink the
wine?” He paused and raised his brows. “What‘s wrong with that?”

“Weren‘t you afraid that she would drop something in there?” Cameron walked over and poked his sho
ulder. “If she drugs you and does something to you, you‘re going to…”

Waylon suddenly understood why she was so anxious.

He had said he felt stuffy because it was warmer in the house than outside. That was why
he took off the coat.

She thinks I‘ve been drugged?‘

Daisie must have said something to her.

Waylon‘s eyes twinkled, and he just went with it. “But I drank the entire glass. What should I


Cameron froze. “W–What do you mean?”

Waylon rubbed his temples and looked uncomfortable. “I‘m feeling dizzy.”


Waylon slumped over her shoulder and put half his weight on her. Cameron almost fell over, but she ca
ught him. “Waylon, hey, are you drugged?” He hugged her and rested his chin on her shoulder. “I think
so… I feel terrible.”

“I‘ll get you to the hospital.” “They can‘t help,” Waylon whispered in her ear. “Help me get to the room.”
Cameron frowned. “Are you sure you don‘t want to go to the hospital?”

He nodded and held her tight.

Cameron helped him up the stairs and into the bedroom. She helped him get into bed, and he pulled he

Cameron was stunned as she looked at him. “You...”

Waylon tucked her hair behind her ear,
casually brushed her ear with a slightly cold finger, and said in a low voice, “Cam.”

Cameron‘s throat was dry, so she
gulped. “I thought you were feeling dizzy?” His eyes were on her lips. “Yes, a little.” Cameron looked aw

Waylon planted his lips on her cheeks, then moved to her ear. She shuddered because she felt somethi

Cameron grabbed his shirt around his chest while his breath enveloped her. She lost her energy.

Waylon climbed on top of her. Cameron‘s face burned up in the tight space as she buried it in his should

No, she was too shy!

At night…

Cameron was too hungry and snuck downstairs to raid the fridge. After taking out some bread and
eggs, she jumped while closing the door because someone was standing next to the door. Waylon was

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