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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2345

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Chapter 2345

Cameron walked into the kitchen and placed the eggs down. Maybe because Waylon was there, she di
dn‘t know what to do and stood there for a long time.

Wavlon stopped behind her and leaned down next to her ear. “Heat up the pan.”

Her ears felt ticklish while her mind was filled with scenes that she couldn‘t forget. It was shameful.

She turned around and pushed Waylon out of the kitchen. “Go sleep. Leave me alone”

Waylon put out his arms to pull her in. “I‘m afraid that you might blow up my kitchen, and I‘ll have to cle
an it up later.”

Cameron frowned, “You think I can‘t cook?”

She could fry an egg.

Waylon brushed his thumb over her lips. “Are you avoiding me because of what happened earlier?”

Her face burned up, but because she was prideful, she said, “I‘m not avoiding you. I just don‘t want to s
ee you because it might become awkward.”

He smiled. “Why would it be awkward?”

Cameron looked at his lower abdomen, but he caught her. “What do you think about it?”

She choked. Her face would probably look like cooked shrimp if it wasn‘t so dark there.

She turned away. “No comment.”

Waylon pushed her hair behind her back, leaned in, and said in a deep voice, “You have to feel it to find

Cameron pressed her hands
against his chest, lowered her head, and quickly changed the topic. “Wayne, go make supper.”

Waylon chuckled and walked into the kitchen.

Soon after that, he walked out with some bacon, eggs, and tomatoes and placed the plate on the table.
The scrambled eggs were cooked
just nicely, and the bacon had a good balance of crispiness, but it was not charred.

She looked at the food and realized that it looked so different from what she had made that morning

She picked up a fork and took a bite of the food. It tasted perfect. She then proceeded to eat the rest of
the food.

Waylon watched as she stuffed her face and couldn‘t help but laugh. “Slowly. No one is going to take it
from you.”

She picked up some bread, wiped the grease and sauce off the
plate,, and ate it. She then placed the plate back on the table.

Waylon put out a hand to wipe away the stain on the corner of her mouth. “Did you like it?”

She put her hand to her lips, “Not bad.”

He smiled, “Should I teach you?”

Cameron didn‘t think too much about it “You can keep doing it.”

Waylon paused and smiled widely after a moment.

The next day

Daisie went to see Freyja at the Seaview Villa. She walked in and saw Beatrice and Deedee playing wit
h Charm in the living room Charm was in her crib, holding a stuffed toy that Beatrice gave her in one ha

She was surprised, “You‘re close friends now?”

Beatrice turned her head. “Aunt Daisie.”

Daisie walked to them and rubbed their heads. “I‘m glad you‘ve managed to become friends so quickly.”

Deedee became a lot more cheerful after spending time with Beatrice,

Freyja walked down the stairs. “Daisie!”

She smiled and walked over. “It‘s almost a month already, right?” Freyja nodded. “I‘m almost done with r

Daisie smiled and held her hand, “I know, you‘re going back to school. You‘ll be a screenwriter when you

Freyja looked down as she smiled. “Daisie, thank you.”

Daisie raised her brows. “There‘s no need for that. You‘re not just my friend. You‘re my sister in–
law. We‘re family.”


Freyja never imagined becoming part of their family, but now she experienced how it was to have a fami

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