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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2342

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Chapter 2342 Cameron bit her lip. “Which restaurant is he at?”

Daisie told her the address.

Cameron hung up and left after picking up her coat. Daisie hid behind the wall and looked back at
Nollace. “Nolly, do you think it‘s going to work?”

Nollace pulled her hat down lower. “Wear it properly. Don‘t let anyone see you.”

Waylon quickly showed up at the restaurant but didn‘t see Daisie.

A woman called out to him. “Mr. Goldmann?”

He frowned as he turned and saw a woman sitting next to the window. It was Minzy.

Waylon walked toward her and stopped at her table. “Ms. Holland, what brings you here?”

Minzy was surprised. “Didn‘t you ask to meet me?”

Waylon squinted. “Me?” His eyes caught someone hiding behind a wall, and he connected the dots upo
n recalling the text Daisie had sent him.

Waylon pulled
out a chair and sat across from her. “I think someone asked you over by using my name. I‘m sorry abou
t that.”

Minzy looked down. “Really? Who could have done that?”

He glared in the direction of the wall. “Not sure. Have you had breakfast?”

Minzy paused, then smiled. “Not yet.”

Waylon asked the server over to take their order.

Daisie pushed her head out to take a peek, but Nollace held her back. “He noticed you.”

She was surprised as she turned around. “No way. Really?” Nollace smiled. “But I think he‘s playing alo
ng. We‘ll wait for the main character to show up next.”

Daisie hid between his arms and chortled. “He‘s quite smart. There‘s no need to send signals to him.”

After that, she got a text from Waylon.

(What are you doing?]

Daisie replied: (I‘m helping you. Don‘t you want to see Cameron‘s reaction?)

Waylon picked up his glass, looked at the text on his screen, and revealed a shallow smile.

He replied: (You‘re only good at being mischievous.) Minzy saw that he kept checking his phone, so sh
e asked, “Is it something important?” He put his phone away. “Family matters.”

Minzy smiled and remembered something. “Are you not in a relationship with Ms. Southern?”

He looked up. “Why do you ask?”

Minzy carefully asked, “She‘s in the East Islands, and you‘re here. Did she not come and see


If they were together, Cameron would have been at Bassburgh instead.

Waylon was going to say something when he looked up and saw Cameron walk into the restaurant. Upo

Daisie saw what had happened and ran after her.

Cameron walked out of the restaurant and stopped next to Waylon‘s car, which
was parked there. She got angrier and kicked his rims. “You‘re having fun.”


Cameron jumped as she turned to look at Daisie who rushed over out of breath. “Why did you leave?”

“Why would I stay? To watch them spend time together?”

Cameron crossed her arms. She felt as though something was stuck in her chest and was very uncomfo

Daisie looked away and said in a serious tone, “But you can‘t just let them spend time together. Think ab

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