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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2340

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Chapter 2340 “No, this is between us, so you better not get my father involved.”

‘He wants to complain about me to Dad? Over my dead body!‘

Nicholas smiled. “Father, why are you making things difficult for the young lady?” “I‘m
making things hard for her? She‘s the one who‘s making things hard for me. She‘s been embarrassing
me like I‘m nothing. Does my reputation in the family look like something that can be trampled on?”

Titus looked upset.

Cameron muttered, “My reputation is worth something too.”

Titus was shocked when he heard her refute. “Look, she‘s talking back at me again. What a presumptu
ous woman. I must talk to her father about her attitude.”

Cameron‘s eyes widened, “You‘re quite an unreasonable geezer!” Titus nodded. “Yes, I‘ve always been
, and I‘ll always be unreasonable. What do you plan to do about that?

Cameron took a deep breath and forced a smile. “A truly great person knows when to yield. I‘ll apologiz
e for what I‘ve done; I‘m sorry.”

Titus turned his face away arrogantly. “It‘s too late for you to apologize now.”

Cameron was about to say something when Charm, who was lying in Freyja‘s arms, suddenly burst int
o tears, interrupting the freezing atmosphere. Colton got up and walked over. “Charm, what‘s wrong?”

Freyja looked anxious and helpless. “I don‘t know either.”

Maisie asked with a smile, “Could she be hungry?” Freyja replied, “I fed her before we departed here.”
Maisie stretched out her hands and carried Charm in her arms.

‘Her diaper isn‘t wet, nor is she hungry. It‘s probably the noise that we‘re making. We‘re disturbing her s
leep.‘ Titus uttered at this time, “Bring that little girl here. Why is she crying like this?”

Maisie brought Charm to Titus.

Titus held Charm in his arms, and something amazing happened as Charm, who was crying at the top
of her lungs, became quiet instantly.

Nicholas also came over to tease her. “Charm. This girl seems to like you, Father.” The old man smirke
d and claimed ostentatiously, “This girl has taste.” Daisie and Nollace arrived in a hurry
at this time, and she entered the door with a box of gifts.” Great–grandpa.”

Titus raised his head. “Yo, it‘s Daisie. And you even brought me a gift?”

“Of course, Nollace and I bought this for you, hope you’ll like it.”

Titus opened the box, took a glance into it, and saw that it was a ceramic tea set. It looked simple but el
egant, and it brought a wide grin onto Titus‘ face. “Yes, I like it. Thank you.”

Daisie breathed a sigh of relief and stared at Nollace.

Nollace chose this tea set. Thank God that Great–grandpa likes it.‘

Soon, it was time for dinner.

It was rare for the family to get together for a meal, so Titus was so happy that he naturally forgot about
his argument with Cameron.

Titus poured himself a glass of wine. “In a blink of an eye, all three of my great–grandchildren have
all grown up, so when will we be having the wedding banquets?”

Daisie and Nollace looked at each other, and she replied with a smile, “Any time will do for Nollace and

Nollace fetched her some vegetables and other dishes and added with a smile, “I plan to
have one in Bassburgh and another one in Yaramoor.”

“Fine by me.” Titus nodded and then looked at Waylon and Colton. “How about you two?”

Colton glanced at Freyja. “Freyja will come up with the date after she‘s completed her university
entrance examination. I‘ll respect her decision.” 1

Titus was astounded. “A university program entrance examination? Is she still a student?”

Freyja replied, “No, I‘m applying for a postgraduate program.”

Titus lifted his gaze and stared at Waylon.

Before Waylon could speak up, Cameron had already responded to the question. “We‘re not in a hurry f
“You‘ve obtained your marriage certificate, and you‘re telling me that you‘re not in a hurry?”

‘Does this girl want to marry Wayne for real?‘

Maisie said, “Grandpa, Cam and Wayne are still in the run–
in period. Let‘s leave the date of the wedding banquet to the children to decide.”

In the end, Titus did not say anything as if he could not be bothered enough to care.

As for the couple, Waylon did not speak while Cameron lowered her head and ate. The atmosphere betw

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