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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2350

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Chapter 2350

A car stopped in front of the door. Daisie rose to her feet and said, “It should be other guests. I’ll go
check it out.”

Daisie came to the door and looked ahead. The woman who came out of the car first took off her
sunglasses and said, “I wondered who it was. So it’s Daisie.”

Daisie walked up to her with a smile on her face and hugged her. “It has been a long time.”

Hannah snorted and replied, “I thought you had already forgotten about me.”

“Don’t be silly. I’ll never forget about you.”

After Daisie finished talking, she looked toward the other two guests who came down from the car. One
of them was Denzel Norris, a rising male artist, and the other one was Zoey.

Daisie was slightly dumbfounded when she saw Zoey. The show had invited Hannah, who was
rumored to be at odds with her, but the reality was that they were good friends.

However, Zoey had fought with her for a role in the past.

‘Are they for real? Do they not know about our feud?’ How could they invite her?

That being said, the show had already started, so Daisie could only greet them with a smile on her

Zoey seemed rather indifferent as she did not respond to Daisie.

Denzel sensed something was wrong, so he hastily took the gifts he had brought out of the car. “Daisie,
Han, these are the small gifts I prepared for you. I hope you’ll like them.”

Hannah took over the gift and replied, “That’s so sweet of you, Denny. Thank you.


Daisie felt that there was something fishy between Hannah and Denzel, but she did not think too much
about it.

The staff handed the tablet to the director. Over 100,000 fans were watching the live broadcast. The
number of viewers was increasing rapidly, and there were more than tens of thousands of comments.

[D*mn it! I can’t believe that they’ve invited Helios too!]

[Is the show staff for real? Do they not know that Daisie and Zoey fought each other for a role before?
How could they invite both of them to the same show?]

[How can Zoey be so rude? Daisie took the initiative to greet her, but she just ignored her. Who does
she think she is?]

[This mansion seems expensive! Well, as expected of the Goldmanns.]

[So Hannah and Daisie are good friends.]

[I wish Daisie wasn’t on this show. She’s so fake.]

Just as they expected, Daisie and Zoey got the most attention from the viewers. Daisie’s fans were not
happy with Zoey’s attitude, while Zoey’s fans accused Daisie of her hypocrisy.

Helios carried some snacks to the courtyard and said, “Guys, the snacks are ready.”

Denzel put down the gift and offered his help. Helios then said, “Den, there are some beverages and
tea in the kitchen. Can you do me a favor and bring them out?”

Denzel nodded. “Okay.”

[Denzel is such a good kid!]

[Helios is still so kind and gentle to his junior.]

The long table in the courtyard was covered with a white tablecloth. There were some fruit platters and
fine snacks placed on top of the table.

Daisie then introduced Cameron to Hannah. “Meet Cameron, my future sister-in-law.”

Cameron was stumped, “What are you talking about? I…”

When she realized that there were cameras around, Cameron cleared her throat and continued. “I’m
not your sister-in-law yet.”

Zoey sat in front of the table and commented sarcastically, “Wow, since you brought them to the show,
why don’t you bring your whole family instead?”

Hannah narrowed her eyes.

“Does she know what she’s talking about?’

Cameron looked toward Zoey and fell deep in thought.

The staff on the side broke into a sweat with fright. What they intended to create to attract more
audience was a “buzz,” not a “conflict!”

More and more people started commenting after they heard what Zoey said.

[Is she there to mess around?]

[What is wrong with the show staff? Why did they even invite her?]

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