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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2349

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Chapter 2349

They would shoot at scenic spots and eat the most delicious dishes across different cities. They would
play different games as well. The show became even more interesting. The different lifestyles, the
coziness and laughter, and the companionship were what people desired, and the ratings naturally
surpassed other shows.

Daisie looked at him. “It’s indeed different. After all, we have two special guests who are not from the
entertainment industry.”

Helios squinted. “Two special guests?”

At that moment, a black luxury car stopped in front of the courtyard. Daisie turned her head around and
said, “There they are.”

Waylon and Cameron came down from the car. When Helios saw them, he laughed, “Your brother is
considered a child star as well. It’s just that he didn’t choose to become an artist afterward.”

Daisie raised her brows and asked, “So, are the special guests I invited outstanding enough?”

Waylon walked over to Helios and greeted him, “Uncle Helios.”

Helios patted his shoulder and said, “I didn’t expect that we would work together again on a variety
show after so many years. I’m starting to miss the way you did the TV show with me when you were a

When he was only a kid, he played Helios’ son with Daisie in several TV shows. He also played the
childhood of the character that Helios played.

When they thought about it, they realized that it had been a long time.

Waylon chuckled. “Yeah. Please take care of us this time as well, Uncle Helios.”

Cameron was stunned. She looked at Waylon and asked, “You were a child star when you were

Daisie walked up to Cameron and said, “I remember I’ve told you before. My brother and I were child
stars. It’s just that he didn’t become an artist when he grew up. He had played several roles with Uncle
Helios in the past.”

Cameron found it hard to believe.


She did not know why, but she suddenly wanted to watch those TV series that Waylon participated in
when he was a kid.

The director walked over with a smile on his face and said, “Mr. Boucher, Ms. Vanderbilt, the site has
been set up. We plan to start the recording today. What do you think?”

Helios nodded. “Sure.”

The director then reminded them, “This variety show is presented in the form of a live broadcast, so
there is no script. You need to play it by ear and show your usual selves as much as possible.”

When the show started, Daisie suddenly remembered something. “Oh yeah, you guys aren’t afraid of
dogs, right?”

Everyone was confused.


Soon, Daisie went to the backyard and brought Goldbar over. It was a big and fluffy Alaskan Malamute
with light blue eyes.

There were two small Alaskan Malamutes beside Goldbar as well. They were its kids.

Cameron was stunned. “You guys have a dog too?”

‘And it isn’t a small dog?”

Daisie squatted down and rubbed Goldbar’s fluffy fur. “This is Goldbar. We keep it at the Goldmann
mansion to keep our grandfather company. These two are its kids. The white one is called Fortuna, and
the one with point coloration is called Cash.”

The corner of Cameron’s lips twitched.

‘She sure has a weird naming sense!’

Fortuna and Cash were more obedient as they were afraid of strangers. However, Goldbar was
friendlier. When Cameron went near it, it allowed her to pet its head.

Helios lowered his head to look at his watch and said, “The others are about to arrive. Wayne, let’s go
prepare some snacks for them.”

Waylon nodded and followed Helios into the kitchen.

The cameraman followed them as well.

Daisie and Cameron stayed in the courtyard and played with the dogs. Cameron seemed a little bit
uncomfortable with so many cameras around her and whispered, “How long will they keep recording

Daisie lifted her head to look at her. “A whole day.”

Cameron was stunned. “What?”

Daisie chuckled. “Don’t worry. We’ll have a break in the middle, so just relax.”

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