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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2346

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Chapter 2346

At least Freyja was no longer alone.

While Daisie was staying at the Seaview Villa, she received a call from Charlie. She came to the
courtyard to accept the call. “Chuck?”

“Come back to the office now. This is urgent,” said Charlie.

Daisie hung up the call and rushed back to Tenet.

Charlie was waiting for her in the office. When he saw Daisie, he put the variety show notice in his
hand on the desk. “This is the variety show 24 Hours in an Inn. Are you interested?”

Daisie was stunned. Wasn’t this the variety show Tiffany participated in?

It was a variety show that showcased the life of celebrities. It was recently aired with great popularity
and high ratings.

Daisie returned to her senses and asked, “You want me to join this variety show?”

Leaning against the back of the chair, Charlie replied, “The investor of this variety show is Mr.
Hannigan. He wishes the show to give the audience a different experience. You’re the most famous
person in Bassburgh right now. Besides, everyone is curious whether you’re using your identity as the
daughter of the Goldmanns to get everything your way, so I believe the variety show will give the
audience a better understanding of your true self.

“Initially, I planned to let you and James join the variety show, but unfortunately, James is pretty
occupied right now. Therefore, the director invited Mr. Boucher to be the temporary guest for the next

“Mr. Boucher will be joining as well?” Daisie was shocked.

Charlie nodded. “After all, you’re the main focus in the next season. You may choose two special
guests of your choice to accompany you.’



Nolan was having a meeting with Tanner in a restaurant.

Tanner handed a document to Nolan. After reading it, Nolan lifted his eyelids and asked, “You want to
rent my place?”

Tanner chuckled. “Yes, I want this variety show to have a rustic style, and your place is exactly where I
want it to be.”

Nolan frowned. “You want my daughter to help you earn money?”

He chuckled. “We’re partners. Do you think you would lose money while I’m earning money?”

Nolan picked up his coffee. Apparently, Tanner knew that this was a good business opportunity. He
started to invest in the entertainment industry and made a variety show that was different from others.

Other people only invited celebrities to take part in a variety show, but he chose to make a reality show
for the upper class.

Other than Daisie, the rest of the people were not celebrities, but at least they were well


If he wanted to stand out in the variety show, he did need to be different.

“I’ll discuss it with my father. After all, those flowers and plants in the garden are his treasure. He might
not be happy about it if something were to happen to them.”

Tanner said, “Don’t worry. I’ll ask the crew to be careful. They won’t destroy a single thing in your
house.” T

At Emperon…

At noon, Cameron turned around on her bed. She touched something and cracked her eyes


When she saw Waylon lying on her bed, she sprung up. “What are you doing here again?”

He chuckled. “Look around you. Is this your room?”

Cameron was stunned and turned her head around.

‘Wait for a second! I remember I went back to my own room last night!”

“Why am I here?” she asked.

He sat up and replied, “Who knows? Maybe you sleepwalked into my bed.”

“Impossible!” Cameron refuted. “I never sleepwalk! It must be you!”

Waylon squinted and pinned her under him. “Really?”

Cameron put her hands on his chest and shouted nervously, “Get off me, Wayne!”

Waylon went nearer to her and pressed his lips on her cheek. “I’ll get off you after you kiss me.”

“You…” Cameron’s cheeks turned red. It was only now that she realized how shameless Waylon could

Waylon looked at her intently and continued with a hoary voice. “If not, I’ll kiss you.”

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