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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2348

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Chapter 2348

In the dressing room, a few actresses gathered around Hannah when they heard that she had
accepted the invitation to 24 Hours in an Inn and talked about it.

The show staff had announced the trailer for the next season. Daisie was the main guest. She had
been receiving a lot of attention throughout the entertainment industry because of Tiffany.

In the last season, Tiffany was kicked out of the variety show, and she had created quite a lot of
commotion across the entertainment industry.

There was a rumor going around saying that Daisie was the one who got her removed from the variety
show by using her strong family background. Even though Tiffany was exposed to be a hypocrite and
was blacklisted by the entertainment industry, there were still a lot of topics about Daisie across the

At present, what was going on in the entertainment industry was that most female celebrities


the were afraid to have any interaction with Daisie. They were scared that they might end same as
Tiffany if they rubbed Daisie the wrong way.

Three years ago, it was rumored that Hannah had apologized to Daisie in front of the media. after
Daisie received the Best Actress award. It was also because Hannah had been at odds with Daisie
before, so they all thought they did not have a “good” relationship.

Therefore, they were kind of surprised when the show staff invited both Daisie and Hannah to the same
variety show.

Hannah was flipping through the magazine absentmindedly as she replied, “It’s just a variety show.
There’s nothing to worry about.”

“What if she gives you trouble while you’re there? There’s nothing you will be able to do at that time
other than swallow the humiliation.”

“Yeah, Han, I think you should reject it. After all, those who get too close to Daisie don’t end up well.”

After all, she was the daughter of the Goldmanns, the apple of her family’s eyes. Tiffany’s bad past
deeds were exposed by them just because she was at odds with Daisie. Naturally, normal female
celebrities like them would never stand a single chance against Daisie.

Hannah closed the magazine and raised her head. “It isn’t easy to get a chance to participate in a
variety show, so why should I reject it? I think you should mind your own business.”

After she finished speaking, she rose to her feet and left the dressing room.

The remaining actresses looked at each other. They were unhappy with Hannah’s attitude as they said,
“I’m sure she just wants to ride on the wave of Daisie’s popularity.”

“Hah, just because she became an actress earlier than us, she thinks she can give us that kind of
attitude? No matter how successful she is, it can’t change the fact that Tenet Media fired her”

Several days later, the show staff of 24 Hours in an Inn received permission from Nicholas to use the
Goldmann mansion as the shooting site. They began to decorate the site. The mansion was finely built,
and the view of the town was beautiful. It looked just like a paradise and fit


well with the main theme of 24 Hours in an Inn for this season.

Daisie did not expect the show staff to choose her own house as the shooting site, and she was

“What’s wrong?”

The question came alongside a big hand that landed on her head.

Diaise turned around and smiled. “Godfather Helios?”

Helios was standing outside of the courtyard, looking at the staff as they decorated the site. Tanner
really has great taste. It seems like this season is going to be a lot different from the previous session.”

Daisie did not say anything in return.

The variety show 24 Hours in an Inn was a new show that got released recently. Unlike other variety
shows, the recording was done live.

It was said that the variety show did not have many sponsors in the beginning. Therefore, the shootings
for the first few seasons were done in hotels, and the crew spent a little money out of their own pockets
to turn the hotels into lodging style.

Of course, this was very close to normal people’s lives. After all, it was a show where celebrities
experienced life on their own.

The show staff did not have a big budget. They could not invite A-list celebrities, so they turned their
target to B or C-list celebrities. However, since the show was broadcasted live. and the interaction
between guests was awkward, the show did not have much viewership.

Only after Tanner invested in this variety show and the budget increased did the show staff decide to
change the style. They would shoot the show at different locations in a season. They would go to the
seaside, the grass plain, the forests, or even a big city.

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