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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2351

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Chapter 2351

[This is my

first time seeing a celebrity bring her family members to a show, ROFL. Zoey was right. What’s the fun
when they invite ordinary people who are not famous in the entertainment industry onto the show? This
show is really boring.[

[Then allow me to enlighten you, you dumb*ss. Daisie’s eldest brother, Wayne Goldmann, once shot
commercials with one of the best actors to ever grace the industry in the past. He was quite a popular
child actor back then. If he were to have made his debut just like Daisie did, you wouldn’t even have
this chance to showcase your massive ego.]

Daisie did not lose her cool but gave off a smile instead. “You can bring your family members too.”

Zoey’s expression dimmed as Waylon and Helios brought out the food, and Denzel then placed the
dessert on the table.

The dishes looked mouthwatering, there were snacks and desserts, and when they were paired with
tea and other beverages, they tasted scrumptious.

Hannah was surprised. “Isn’t this afternoon tea a little too high-class? Did you make it, Mr. Boucher?”

“I’m only the sous chef.” Helios placed his hand on Waylon’s shoulder. “Wayne here is the head chef.”

Daisie replied, “Wayne’s cooking skills are top-notch!”

[This is rather fake. The eldest son of the Goldmanns can actually cook?] 2

[With his precious status and all their servants at home, does he even need to take a single step into
the kitchen? Why does this plot feel a little off?]

[This is just an effect that the show wants. Why would you believe in everything that a variety show
shows you?]

Daisie fetched Hannah a snack, Hannah took a bite, and her eyes instantly lit up. “Holy moly! This is
really delicious!”

She also fetched Denzel a piece, and Denzel nodded politely. “Thank you.”

Lastly, Daisie fetched a snack for Zoey, but she ignored her and asked Denzel to grab her the


Her actions evoked dissatisfaction from Daisie’s fans, who frantically attacked her for being so petty in
the comment section.

Upon seeing all the comments that flooded the comment section, Zoey’s fans felt bad for their idol and
scolded Daisie’s fans. It had only been less than a day ever since the broadcast started, and the
comment section was already on fire.

Waylon sat beside Cameron and placed a snack on her plate. Seeing this, Cameron leaned closer to
him and lowered her voice. “You’d better watch your actions. We’re on live TV.”

Waylon chuckled, peeled off the peel of an orange segment, and delivered it to her mouth. “ Open up.”

Cameron looked at everyone present carefully and hurriedly ate the orange upon seeing no one was
looking in her direction.

After the afternoon tea was over, it was time to prepare dinner. The ingredients needed for dinner had
to be bought by the guests at a market nearby, and a group of three had been arranged to go out to get

Probably because Daisie and Zoey were stirring up too much public opinion, the director could only
arrange for Waylon, Cameron, and Denzel to go out together to buy the ingredients.

Because it was during the show’s recording and shooting, the crew staff also arranged for security and
a few crew members to go out with them.

The market was very large, and it had everything. Waylon was very competent as he carefully selected
all the ingredients needed, including seafood.

Cameron saw a large lobster crawling in the water and was about to reach out to touch it, but Waylon
stopped her.

Cameron frowned. “Why are you stopping me from touching it?”

He said solemnly, “I’m afraid you’ll kill it.”

She pouted and stopped talking.

All of a sudden, Denzel scuffed the bag with the side of his feet. He then looked down and jumped
behind Waylon in fright.

Waylon turned around. “What’s wrong?”

“Snake, there are snakes!” Denzel’s face paled with fright as he trembled from head to toe.

The shop owner laughed and explained in an accent, “These aren’t snakes, but eels instead. Don’t
worry. They don’t bite.”

Denzel stood behind Waylon and Cameron and did not dare take another step nearer the stall. He was
so terrified that he was missing a part of his soul when he got shocked by what he saw.

It was a bag of slimy and long creatures. Anyone who saw it should feel at least slightly disgusted.

Cameron squatted down to take a closer look at the eels and even reached out to touch them. These
eels really don’t bite.”

Waylon stared at her with a helpless expression.

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