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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2353

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Chapter 2353

“The crew behind the show can be this ruthless, huh?” Denzel scratched his head, walked back

to his seat, and handed the mission card to Hannah.

Hannah took a glance at it and was stunned as well.

Daisie leaned over. “What is it?”

The words “Sugarcane Harvesting” immediately shocked her.

The director said, “So, after everyone has finished eating and drinking, please have a good rest tonight.
You’ll then have to get up at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and gather at the doorstep of the inn. You
must try to fill up five carts before 1:00 p.m.”

Hannah and Denzel started worrying as soon as they got the task.

‘How are we going to collect five carts of sugarcane?’

Daisie raised her hand and asked, “Do we have to do it ourselves?”

The people in the crew exchanged gazes and did not speak.

The director then explained, “You can’t ask others to help, and the six of you must come up with a way
to complete the task.”

Daisie was astonished, and a hint of slyness flashed across her eyes.

Cameron had been eating silently in the corner from start to finish. She then remembered something all
of a sudden and raised her head. “Is the soup ready? I seem to smell its aromal already.”

In fact, she had long forgotten that they were still on a live program.

Everyone looked at her dumbfounded.

Waylon clenched his hand slightly into a fist and pressed it against his lips, holding back his laughter.

[LMAO, this lady is never on the same page.]

[When others are discussing how they should harvest the sugarcane tomorrow, she only cares about
whether the soup has finished cooking already.]

[Even Mr. Goldmann is on the brink of bursting into laughter, isn’t he?]

[Trust me, I can live with this lady and be happy for the rest of my life!]

“It should be ready already.” Daisie got up. “I’ll go take a look.”

Among the guests, Zoey was extremely silent. She never understood why her sponsor would want her
to participate in this variety show. And the main issue was that Daisie was also there.

“They clearly know that Daisie and I had disputes before this because of a fight over a character, but
they still insisted on me participating in this show. This is disgusting.

‘As long as the other guests are acting gregariously, I won’t fit in and play along. In this way, my fans
will think that Daisie is isolating me together with the other guests.’

“The soup is ready.” Daisie came out with a pot.

Hannah quickly made room for her. “Be careful.”

Cameron fiddled with her silverware, and her fork accidentally slipped out of her hand and fell to the
floor. When she bent down to pick it up, she noticed someone’s sneaky actions.

When Daisie was about to bring the pot to the table, a leg under the table was stretched out on
purpose, trying to trip her.

Cameron picked up a small pebble from the ground and flicked it toward the person’s leg.

Zoey’s calf suddenly hurt, and she cried out as she abruptly retracted her leg and covered her calf.

Daisie stopped and looked at her in confusion. “Is there anything wrong?”

Everyone else stared at Zoey too.

Zoey gnashed her teeth. “I’m fine.”

She raised her head inadvertently and just so happened to meet the smug gaze from Cameron, the
person sitting across from her. Cameron raised her eyebrows and deliberately showed her the pebble
in between her fingertips.

Zoey’s expression slightly changed, and she looked away instantly, not daring to face her directly.

‘F*ck, I got busted.”

As the night sky got darker, everyone finished their meal, cleaned up the dining table, did the dishes,
and went back to their respective rooms to rest.

Zoey shared a guest room with Hannah, Helios and Denzel shared another guest room, Daisie and
Cameron slept in their own room, and Waylon slept alone in his bedroom.

When Cameron was about to fall asleep, she vaguely felt someone standing beside her and instantly
opened her eyes. However, her mouth was covered before she could make a sound.

Under the dim light from the courtyard, Cameron clearly saw the person in front of her and took his
hand away.

She turned her head and glanced at Daisie, who was sleeping with her back facing her, then glared at
Waylon and lowered her voice. “Why aren’t you sleeping in the middle of the night? And what the heck
are you doing here?”

Wayne shushed her. “I’m here to bring you somewhere. You’ll definitely like it.”

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