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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2352

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Chapter 2352

‘A woman who’s afraid of mice is actually not afraid of eels.’

[Den is so scared that he almost cried, hahaha.]

[That lady is really brave, huh? She’s touching eels with her bare hands!]

[Hahaha, what should I do if I find this young lady rather cute?]

[Am I seeing it wrong? Or does Wayne’s gaze look rather doting?]

The three of them walked around the market for about two hours and bought a lot of ingredients.
Waylon was the only person picking all the ingredients all the way, while Cameron and Denzel followed
him around as if they did not know anything about choosing good raw ingredients.

Not only did they not help out, but they were also dragging Waylon’s progression in the market. The
fans were so happy to be able to mock Waylon for bringing two useless underlings. along.

It was already 7:00 p.m. when they arrived home after buying the ingredients.

Daisie and Helios were waiting for them at the door, and they helped to bring some of the ingredients
into the kitchen.

Waylon slowly rolled up his sleeves. “Daisie will wash all the ingredients, and Uncle Helios will be my
sous chef.”

Helios responded with a smile, “Alright.”

Daisie was also very motivated. “Leave all the ingredients to me!”

Hannah followed into the kitchen. “I can help to cut the vegetables.”

Waylon nodded.

Denzel scratched his cheeks and looked slightly embarrassed. “Then, is there anything that I can do?”

Waylon looked at him. “Can you beat some eggs for me?”

Denzel replied with a smile, “I can do that.”

Cameron pointed at herself at the moment. “What about me?”

‘I can’t just stand here and do nothing. Things will get very awkward very quickly.’

Waylon narrowed his eyes and fastened his apron slowly. “When the dishes are ready, you’ll bring them
out and serve them.”

Cameron crossed her arms and responded, “Oh, okay.”

[Hahaha, the young lady looks very reluctant.]

[Oh no, oh my, are you telling me that the eldest son of the Goldmanns really knows how to cook?]

[I’ll be damned, is it true?]

Fortunately, the kitchen space was large enough, and everyone worked according to the division of
labor. After washing the ingredients, Daisie handed them to Hannah. Hannah could cook too, so cutting
vegetables was not a difficult task for her. And Denzel, who was standing right next to her, cracked the
eggs into a glass bowl and beat them meticulously.

The camera team pointed the camera at Waylon and recorded how he went from turning on the stove,
heating the pan, adding oil and ingredients, to stir-frying with a wooden spoon. The whole process

looked smooth, clean, and clear-cut. When others were acting anxiously in the kitchen, Waylon’s
movements looked very calm and steady, as if he was working from the comfort of his own home.

He showcased his skills in frying, steaming, braising, and many more. There was almost nothing that
he could not do in the kitchen.

The comment section exploded instantly, and the number of fans in the broadcast room increased to
700,000 and continued to rise.

[Holy sh*t! Daisie’s brother is so cool!]

[Those who claimed that the crew bought the afternoon tea from a nearby hotel earlier today, it’s time
for you to come forward and smack your face.]

[Wayne even knows wok tossing, while I can’t even hold my spatula and pan steadily. I’m really good
for nothing. Boohoohoo.]

[Aaaaaah, Daisie’s eldest brother is so good-looking and can cook at the same time, I’m so envious!]

[Today is another day when I want to divorce my husband!]

Just half a day after they started shooting, the director saw that there were already 900,000 fans
watching in the live broadcast room, and the number was still rising, and he was very excited.

‘Mr. Hannigan does have very keen eyes. He really didn’t recommend the wrong guests.’

It was almost 9:00 p.m. Apart from the soup, all the other dishes were already on the dining table,
smelling and looking good.

Denzel was shocked. “Mr. Goldmann, you’re truly amazing.”

‘His skills are comparable to those of a chef from a 5-star hotel.’

Daisie laughed. “Wayne has always been amazing!”

Helios said, “Alright, everyone should be very tired after such a busy day. Let’s sit down and eat first.”

Everyone came to the table. The lights in the courtyard were bright, and under the starry night sky, the
inn felt very boisterous as it was filled with excitement.

After dinner, the crew members asked the guests to draw lots to determine who would be the one who
would get to draw tomorrow’s mission. The person who got the shortest straw would be the one to draw
the mission, and the unlucky one was Denzel.

Denzel got up, picked up a mission card, opened it, and was astonished. Hannah asked with a smile,
“What’s the mission?”

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