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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2360

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Chapter 2360

No one expected Mr. Weatherby to suddenly grab Freyja’s hand and rub it

Freyja pulled her hand back too hard, the glass dropped to the ground, and the noise attracted everyon
e’s attention.

Mr. Weatherby took his chance and started to pretend that she was the problem. “Mrs. Goldmann, I’ve
apologized, so even if you don’t want to forgive me, there’s no need to act this. way.”

Freyja clenched her jaw. “You’re not apologizing. You’re-”

“Look at this woman. She’s not even married into the family yet, but she’s already throwing tantrums. I
apologized to her, but she pushed the glass away.”

He didn’t give Freyja a chance to speak and kept adding fuel to the fire. He was going to push Freyja in
to a corner.

Freyja balled up her fist. She didn’t want to start anything at her daughter’s party, but why was he forcin
g her?

Mr. Weatherby saw that she wasn’t fighting back and guessed that she didn’t have the guts to do it. If s
he said he molested her, he would just say she tried to seduce him.

Maisie walked out from the crowd. “What’s going on?”

Mr. Weatherby immediately walked toward her to complain. “Mrs. Goldmann, look at what happened. N
ot only did your daughter–in–
law reject my apology, but she also slapped the wine glass I handed to her away. It’s a happy occasion
that you’re celebrating today, and I don’t want to make a scene, but what is the meaning of this?”

Nolan noticed something was happening, so he walked over and heard Mr. Weatherby point. out what
Freyja did wrong to Maisie.

Mr. Weatherby sounded confident and said that he was treated badly. Everyone who didn’t see what ha
ppened thought Freyja had done what he said she did.

Freyja clenched her jaw but relaxed a moment later. “I would accept your apology, but why did you hav
e to grab my hand?”

Mr. Weatherby froze. He didn’t expect her to tell the truth!

Everyone gasped, and Maisie’s face dropped.

“Nonsense, I didn’t grab your hand!” He continued. “Please don’t accuse me like this. You’re Coleman
Goldmann’s wife. How could you say such a thing? I think it’s more like you who were trying to seduce

Saying that at a party held by the Goldmanns meant that he was challenging them.

Any family would be upset if this happened to them.

Mr. Weatherby thought he knew how they would react.

No matter how nice the daughter–in–
law was, all the family members would just start avoiding her if she caused a scene.

Freyja looked at him and was already calmer than she was a minute ago. She smirked. “Me? Seducing
old enough to be my father. Why would I give up on the handsome man I’m with to seduce an old fart lik

Mr. Weatherby turned pale. He never expected her to be such a strong character.

After what she said, everyone could tell who was the one who was lying without having to

think twice.

Maisie was going to speak, but Nolan stopped her.

Colton was already standing behind Mr. Weatherby, and he had heard everything. His eyes were chilling

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