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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2358

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Chapter 2358

Nolan, Maisie, and Nicholas were greeting the guests. Titus cradled Charm while Yael and Christina
were playing with her.

“Look at that. The second son started the baby training.”

Thomas Clifford walked down the stairs along with Jackie and Violet.

Titus smirked. “Because he’s my great-grandson.”

Thomas sighed. “Time flies. I’m actually surprised that you’re still around.”

Titus glared at him. “Are you cursing me, you old fart?”

Thomas was used to the bickering. “Even Hernandez is still around. I guess it’s not your turn. yet.”

Maisie and Nolan walked over. “Jackie, Violet.”

Violet smiled and walked to Maisie. “It’s been a while.”

Maisie and Violet started catching up while Nolan and Jackie stood where they were. “Your son isn’t

Jackie chuckled. “Not worried that he might ruin your party?”

The youngest Clifford was very cheeky because Thomas spoiled him. When children his age were still
being protected and playing with toys, he was already on trees poking at bee hives.

Jackie had once brought him to a classmate’s party, and that kid made the birthday boy cry over a
cake. The present he had brought was a trick box.

Jackie almost never brought him to parties after that to avoid embarrassment.

Nolan slowly sipped on his wine while looking over at Titus. “You can try letting my grandfather take
care of your kid.”

Jackie smirked. “Forget it. I’m afraid that I might lose my son…’

Meanwhile, Maisie, Barbara, and Violet chatted until Colton walked in with Freyja.

Barbara suddenly smiled. “I’m so jealous of you, Maisie.”

Maisie asked, “Why?”

Barbara and Violet looked at each other. “Because you’re a mother-in-law at a young age, and now
you’re a grandmother too. I think we’re only going to be mothers-in-law in our 50s or 60s and
grandmothers when we turn 70.”

Maisie chuckled. “I guess it’s because I met Nolan too soon.”

Violet looked around. “Is Ryleigh not here yet?”

Barbara swirled her wine around. “She’s living in Slokova with Louis, so I don’t think she’s coming
back. Even if she misses this party, there are weddings.”

There were three children that hadn’t had their weddings yet.

At the mention of weddings, Violet looked at Maisie. “Have all your three children registered

for their marriage?”

Maisie sighed. “Only Daisie and Nolly are sealed. Waylon and Cameron are registered, but I’m not sure
what’s going on with them. Colton proposed to Freyja, but they’re not officially married yet.”

Violet and Barbara were shocked. “What?”

Freyja stood next to Colton. She wasn’t used to a big party like this, having to meet guests of the
Goldmanns who came to congratulate them.

Colton put his arm around her waist. “Are you tired?”

She shook her head and smiled.

“Is your family not attending?” asked someone.

When Freyja heard it, she wrapped her hand tightly around the wineglass and didn’t speak.

Both sides of the family should have been at the party, but only the Goldmanns were there.

The man who asked was an owner of a building material distribution company, Mr. Weatherby. He
probably never met anyone from Freyja’s side and was saying that there was nothing special about her.
She was only able to marry a Goldmann because of her beauty.

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