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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2357

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Chapter 2357

However, they couldn’t stop the live broadcast.

When they go back to the old mansion, Hannah and Cameron were having a great time

chatting. They had gotten close when Cameron asked her, “What’s going on between Zoey and

Hannah clicked her tongue and replied, “What else? They were fighting for the same role, but she
didn’t get it because the director preferred Daisie.”

Going after the same character was very common in the industry.

Many artists had ‘feuds’ because of this, but they weren’t doing it as obviously as Zoey. They would just
do it on the down low.

Cameron held her chin. “She’s so salty. It’s just a role.”

“Fighting for a role in the industry meant they were fighting for a job. It’s as if you worked hard to get a
role, and everyone thought that it would go to you, but not only did you not end up with it, but you were
also demoted to a supporting role.

“Everyone in the industry wants their next role to propel them to stardom and rake in money. No one
would be happy if they lost the role.”

Cameron turned to see Daisie, who was standing next to Helios. “She’s pretty lucky, then.

“She’s the princess of the Goldmann family. The family would be willing to provide her with any
resources she needs. Everyone else might need to work for decades to get their break, so she really is

quite lucky when it comes to this.”

Hannah smiled after lamenting. “I used to think the same way, but after working with her for the past
few years, I realized that the Goldmanns never got involved with her career. If Daisie wanted to be
famous, she could have worked with Royal Crown. She would have been at the top even sooner if she
had worked with her own company.”

Daisie wasn’t considered the best in the industry, but she had a stable standing as an A-lister with her
title of Best Actress.

To the elites, she was just the daughter of an investor.

A lot of celebrities wanted to be actors and stars at the same time, but all Daisie wanted was to


One thing that Hannah knew that others didn’t was that she wasn’t paid as well as the top


Helios was paid almost $15,000,000 when he was her age and was the highest-paid actor. Daisie was
paid at most $700,000. That was a huge difference.

That was why Hannah didn’t mind too much about Daisie asking her to apologize in public in the past.
She felt that it was the right thing to do.

Soon after that, the director and the crew members got back. Helios went to ask about Zoey.

The director said, “Zoey pulled out from the show, but it was my fault. I didn’t know that she

was so extreme.”

Helios smiled. “She’s still young. Once she gains more experience, she will understand the industry’s
rules better.”

The filming lasted a week before it finally came to an end.

Zoey was criticized badly because of her performance on the show.

At the same time, the unmanned automatic sugarcane harvester that Daisie promoted also became so
popular they were sold out. Even the posters were switched to those with Daisie’s endorsement.

All the other guests on the show had a surge of new fans, especially Cameron and Waylon. People
started requesting for them to go on talk shows.

When they returned to Bassburgh, it was Charm’s one-month birthday celebration.

Charm’s party was held at the Goldmann mansion. It was an open-air party with adorable decorations
in pastel colors. The attendees were clients and close friends of the Goldmanns.

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