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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2366

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Chapter 2366

Brandon opened the refrigerator, and there was nothing in it, leaving him feeling a little embarrassed. “I
haven’t been preparing anything to eat in a long time. You should take a seat first. I’ll go out to buy som
e ingredients. What do you want to eat tonight?”

Freyja sat on the couch. “Whatever, anything will do.”

Brandon walked to the entryway, picked up his coat, and put it on. “Okay, then I’ll go out now.”

Freyja stopped him. “Dad.”

Brandon turned back and was stunned for a short moment.

Freyja added, “I’ll go with you.”

The father and daughter went to the supermarket to buy some ingredients and food. Freyja had not gon
e out with her father for a long time. She vaguely remembered that she was only at few years old the la
st time her father took her out to play.

Twenty years had passed in the blink of an eye.

In the family that she used to have, her mother was mightily aggressive, and her father was extremely c
owardly, and that combination caused the relationship between her and her father to grow farther and f
arther apart.

Brandon did not seem to know how to get along with his daughter anymore. He seemed very cautious f
or fear of being hated. He stood in front of the shelf to pick the ingredients needed to cook a meal, aski
ng her what she liked along the way.

Freyja responded slowly, “Dad, just choose whatever ingredients you can cook. I’m not that picky.”

After buying all the ingredients and returning to the Pruitt manor, Brandon started preparing


Freyja suddenly found an orange cat hiding under the couch. She stretched out her arms and fished th
e orange cat out of the bottom. After taking a closer look at it, she realized that its left. eye was traumati
zed and blinded.

She placed the orange cat on her thighs and stroked its fur. It struggled at first, but after seeing that Fre
yja showed no malicious intent, it lay down on her stomach and stopped moving around.

Brandon brought dinner to the table after some time.

Freyja asked, “What happened to this cat’s eye?”

Brandon replied, “It was already partially blind when I took it in.”

She was startled. “It was a stray cat?”

Brandon set up the tableware. “Yes, I saw it was wandering around the area, looking all pitiful, and no o
ne wanted it, so I took it in. The manor is rather quiet and deserted, and it’s good to have it around here

eyes moved, and she placed the orange cat down. The cat scurried to Brandon’s feet and rubbed its he
ad against his ankle.

Brandon picked it up. “It should be hungry. You should start eating first. I’ll feed it.”

Freyja looked at the dinner on the table. All of the dishes were made from the ingredients that they had
just bought, and he had cooked them all. Seeing that, she suddenly remembered something, walked to
the refrigerator, and opened it.

was not that there was no ingredient in the refrigerator. It was just that there were no fresh. ingredients.
They had been kept in the refrigerator for a long time, and there were also leftovers from previous day

‘Why didn’t I realize it?

“When my mother and Ken were still living there, we had servants, so Dad had already gotten used to b
kept a servant or housekeeper for himself. However, all the servants in the manor have been laid off.


‘Ever since he said he doesn’t have fresh ingredients, I started suspecting him. The mall isn’t away, and

Freyja’s eyes turned bloodshot, and she emptied everything from the refrigerator.

When Brandon came back, he was astonished upon seeing Freyja clearing the refrigerator’s contents. “

Freyja threw everything into the trash can and underwent an emotional breakdown. “How do you live alo
day, and you’re still unwilling to throw them away even after you’ve left them there for several days?

“It’s not that you don’t have the money. How much would the ingredients needed for you to cook a meal

Brandon did not say anything, and his expression turned solemn.

Freyja took a deep breath and calmed down. “Since you’ve gotten used to being
served, why would you fire the servants? Is the money that Ken and Mother left you not enough for you

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