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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2382

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Chapter 2382

Waylon’s gaze was fixed on the face that looked like that of a dirty cat that had just run out of a coal mi
ne and had rubbed its face in ashes without knowing it.

Cameron’s cheeks warmed up upon seeing that he was staring at her. “Why are you looking at me?”

Waylon could not help but laugh out loud. “You’re the dignified heir of the Southerns, so why would you
look like a dirty cat?”

The original intimate atmosphere was completely interrupted by Waylon’s words, and Cameron pushed
him away immediately. “Who are you referring to as a cat!?”

He held her in his arms. “Are you doubting me?”

Cameron bit his shoulder but did not exert too much force. With that, it opened a chance for Waylon to
pinch her cheek and kiss her on the lips.

Cameron was stunned because of the ambush and was picked up horizontally before she could


Cameron struggled in his arms, “Wayne, let me down!”

Waylon carried her into the bathroom, and Cameron instantly saw her face in the mirror and covered it
with her hands, “Oh my God!”

He put her down in front of the sink. “I didn’t lie to you, did I?”

Cameron was so embarrassed that she could not raise her head.

‘Have I been walking around with this face throughout the whole day? No wonder the delivery driver sta
red at me strangely when I went out to retrieve our takeout.‘

A towel dropped down from above and covered her head. When she lifted it, Waylon had

already walked outside the door. “Take some time to clean yourself.”

After Waylon left the bathroom, Cameron closed the bathroom door hurriedly.

‘There goes my image.‘

After taking a shower, Cameron realized she had not brought her pajamas. Thus, she wrapped herself i
n a bath towel, stuck half of her head out of the bathroom, and shouted, “Wayne!”

Waylon entered his bedroom. “What’s wrong?”

She replied embarrassingly, “I didn’t bring my pajamas into the bathroom.”

Surprisingly, Waylon had already prepared a ladies‘ nightgown for her.

Something felt a little indescribably familiar to her as soon as she put on the nightgown.

‘Wait a minute! Doesn’t this nightgown have the same style as the one that he’s wearing? Is this a pair
of couple nightgowns?‘

Cameron walked out of the bathroom
and saw Waylon leaning on the head of the bed with his eyes closed, resting. The sunlight of the dusk
shone on the window and softened the tough edges of his well–defined facial features.

She called out, “Wayne?”

She was a little startled when he did not respond to her.

‘Is he asleep?‘

Cameron approached him, leaned over, raised her hand, and waved it in front of his eyes.

He did not react to
her actions. His gentle and steady breathing continued, and his broad chest undulated.

Cameron stared at him. Although she had long noticed that he was breathtakingly handsome, he was n
ot only good–looking but also in good shape.

She took a closer
look at his body, from head to toe. She only dared to do so when he was soundly asleep.

Waylon suddenly opened his eyes and saw Cameron staring straight at him. He then raised his hand a
nd took her into his arms.

She was caught off guard and threw herself on his body. “W–Weren’t you asleep?”

He let off a hoarse chuckle. “I only wanted to see what you’d do to me.”

At that moment, Waylon’s cell phone rang abruptly.

He got up and sullenly picked up the call.

The caller ID showed that it was a call from his mother.

He looked back at Cameron, who had buried herself under the blanket, and answered the call,” Mom?”

“Waylon, what’s with the news?”

Waylon frowned. “What news are you talking about?”

After Maisie said something to him, Waylon hung up the phone and quickly opened a news app on his p

It appeared that paparazzi had photographed him and Minzy entering
and leaving the hotel, and it turned into gossip. And the media was speculating that Minzy was the future
law of the Goldmanns.

‘It seems that because I accompanied Daisie to
the variety show, I’ve become the target of the paparazzi.‘

He put the phone down, walked up to the bed, and pulled up the blanket. Cameron instantly grabbed it,

Waylon leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. “I’m heading out. Stay home and wait for


After saying that, he grabbed his shirt, put it on, and left the room.

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