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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2384

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Chapter 2384

“Hmm… Stop it…” Cameron pushed him away. She was so sleepy that she could not even open her

eyes, and everything happening around her was blurred out to her.

Waylon’s Adam’s apple twitched, and he loosened his collar. “Look at you, sleeping
as soundly as a baby does.” 1

He rolled onto the bed, took her into his arms, and stroked her cheek with his palm. “When will you mak
e our relationship known to the public?”

On the other side of the city, in the hotel…

Minzy was sitting on the couch, going through the news article. She had long known that the media wo
uld publish the news. Reading how the reporters and editors brought the relationship between her and
Waylon to life, she pursed her lips tightly.

She was afraid that Waylon would release a statement to clarify their relationship, but she also hoped h
e would not.

‘With this news, can I consider myself somehow related to him now?‘

The doorbell rang all of a sudden.

Minzy got up and walked up to the door to open it. She was surprised when she saw the man standing
at the door. “Dad?”

Mallon walked into the room with a sullen expression.

Minzy asked, “Dad, why are you here?”

Mallon sat on the couch. “Why didn’t you tell me that you know the eldest heir of the Goldmanns?”

She was dumbfounded and naturally thought that her father had seen the news. She lowered her gaze
and explained with a smile, “You didn’t ask me about him, did you? Actually, Mr. Goldmann and I have k
nown each other since I met him on the East Islands.”

Mallon rubbed the bridge of his nose. “How could you be this careless to make it into such a scandal? Y
ou’re to come with me tomorrow and clarify your relationship with him in front of the media.”

After listening to her father’s order, Minzy’s expression froze. “Me? Clarify?”

“Otherwise, what else do you plan to do?” Mallon knew that Waylon had already gotten married but had
chosen not to disclose his marriage. Thus, he, an outsider, must not go around
spreading the truth. “Do you know that this scandal will cause you a lot of trouble? I’ve contacted the m
edia, and you’ll come with me tomorrow to clarify this matter in front of the public.”

She responded anxiously in an instant, “Why do we need to
clarify? Mr. Goldmann didn’t even step forward and clarify the-”

Before she could finish speaking, Mallon
stared at her in astonishment. “Minzy, what are you talking about?”

Mallon was a little surprised that such a thing would escape his daughter’s mouth, and he even

had a bad premonition. “Please don’t tell me that you’ve…”

“Dad, I like him, I like Mr. Goldmann.” Minzy admitted her feelings for Waylon.

‘The Hollands aren’t doing so badly in the Kong Ports. Even if our family isn’t as prolific and prestigious
as the Goldmanns, we should still be able to match them in status, right?‘

She originally thought that her father would support her after getting to know how she felt, but what she
did not expect was Mallon’s gloomy expression. “No way.”

She was startled. “But why?”

“You don’t have to know the reason,” Mallon replied decisively, adding, “You two are not compatible, Min

“That man has already gotten
married. He is not single and available, so I’ll never just sit aside and watch
my daughter make such a dumb decision.‘

Minzy asked in disbelief, “Dad, you once mentioned that if I were to encounter a man that I wish to get m

Mallon raised his voice. “That also depends on whether the other party likes you or not!”

She burst into tears. “I know… But I like him.”

“Do you remember what I taught you since you were still a little girl? Women should never belittle thems

“So what if you love him with every fiber of your being? Has he taken a fancy to you? You’re the preciou

Minzy opened her mouth but was at a loss for words.

Her father’s words made her feel embarrassed about herself.

‘Does falling for someone that doesn’t like me in return mean belittling
myself? I like Wayne, and I’m not doing anything wrong because of that, right?‘

Mallon took a deep breath and calmed himself down. “Okay, just come with me to the press conference
to that level in life.”

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