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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2390

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Chapter 2390

The receptionist left the scene in a hurry, hoping that she had not made any major mistake today!

Waylon lowered his gaze, glanced at Cameron, who looked infuriated, and could not help but laugh out
loud. “What’s the matter? You got so angry just because someone stopped you in the lobby?”

Cameron crossed her arms. “This has nothing to do with being stopped or not.

He narrowed his eyes as if he had seen through her thoughts. “Did you run into Minzy?”

“What do you think?”

‘I thought so.‘

Waylon smiled. “What did she tell you?”

Cameron turned her face away. “She? She told me a lot of stuff.

Waylon raised his arm and wrapped it around her shoulder. He did not even care if there was anyone in
the lobby and led her into the elevator.

When the elevator arrived at the administrative department, the department’s employees

were utterly dumbfounded when they saw Waylon coming out of the elevator with a woman in his arms.
Some of them even managed to recognize Cameron.

‘Isn’t that the female guest who recorded the variety show with Ms. Vanderbilt and Mr. Goldmann!?‘

Stepping into the office, Waylon pulled down the blinds, instantly picked up
Cameron, placed her on the desk, and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Are you still angry?”

He then pressed his warm lips against her forehead, and his breath brushed through her fluffy fringe.

Cameron lowered her gaze and refused to look straight at him. “All you know is to leave all the mess yo
u created to me.”

Waylon fiddled with the ends of her hair with his fingers and
smirked. “What’s the mess that you’re referring to?”

“Stop asking me questions that
you already know the answer to.” Cameron raised her head and met his gaze. “Ms. Holland likes you s
o much that she actually begged me to give up on you to fulfill her wish.”

Waylon pursed his lips tightly and said nothing.

Obviously, he wanted to know Cameron’s response to that request too.

Cameron snorted lightly and continued complaining. “Your charm is truly amazing, Mr. Goldmann. What
’s more, you didn’t resolve the mess you brought back
from outside and even implicated me. And now I have to act like a b*tch and chase those women away
from you for you.”

Upon hearing her jealous tone, a hint of hilarity overflowed from Waylon’s eyes socket as he

was only a few inches away from her. “Yeah, it’s indeed my fault.”

She turned her head away. “I’m glad to know that you’re aware of that.”

He responded with a faint hum. “I’ve made you jealous for a few days already, and I still can’t coax you.

Cameron stopped talking.

“I’ve asked Mallon Holland to publicly clarify my scandal with Minzy, and I’ve been trying to avoid her as
much as possible.” Waylon pinched her slender fingers. “I have nothing to do with her and vice versa,
so we don’t need to bother ourselves with this news. What’s more, when we make our marriage public,
this rumor will disappear without us having to do anything, right?”

He had never responded to the scandal directly because his mind was never on the scandal. He had h
anded the initiative over to Mallon and considered that a tiny gesture to show the Hollands some respe

Even if Mallon chose not to release a statement to clarify the scandal, the scandal would still be deeme
d harmless as soon as their marriage was made public.

It was just that his young wife was very jealous because of the incident, so it was necessary for him to c

Cameron pursed her lips. “The public will think you’re interested in her too if you continue ignoring the sc

Waylon raised his eyebrows. “So does this mean that you care about it?”

“I…” Cameron choked on her words, and she was at a loss.

Waylon chuckled and rubbed his palm against
her cheek. “Everything’s fine. Knowing that you care is more than enough for me. I’ll pay more attention

Cameron smacked his hand away, feeling inexplicably frustrated and defeated.

She had never failed like this in the 20–
plus years since she was born, and she had been defeated by charm and appearance.

“You must’ve cast some spell on me.

His smirk intensified, and his lips landed on hers. “Yes, it’s a love spell, and I’m the only one who can un

Not long after Mallon’s clarification hit the Internet, the public’s comments and opinions faded.

Just as everyone thought things were settling down, a post from a netizen known as “Oracle” on Twitter

The post claimed that Minzy had gotten acquainted with Waylon when they were both staying in the Eas

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