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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2393

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Chapter 2393

That person had told her father!

Minzy clutched her phone and tried to explain. “Dad, it’s not what you think. I… I was forced

to do it.”

Seeing Minzy didn’t apologize immediately and still tried to come up
with excuses, Mallon was enraged.

He controlled his anger, pinched the bridge of his nose, and questioned her. “You call this being forced
? Minzy, when did you turn into a ruthless person? How could you create rumors about the Southerns?”

Minzy’s face turned pale as she noticed the disappointment in her father’s eyes. “I… I was just

She then broke down in tears and tugged at her father’s hand. “Dad, I admit that I wasn’t thinking straig
ht, but I really like him.”

“Nonsense!” Mallon slapped her hand away, pointed his finger, and said, “Since when do we Hollands n
eed to stoop so low? You would do anything just to get a man?”

Minzy started sobbing. “Am I wrong for pursuing my love?”

Mallon’s face dropped, and
he looked pretty worried. Had she turned out this way because he was too busy and had neglected his

He took a deep breath, then looked down. “Follow me back to the Kong Ports tomorrow.”

Minzy froze because she didn’t think that he would want to bring her back.

“No, I won’t go back.” Minzy knelt down at his feet. “Dad, I’m sorry. Please don’t send me back. I can’t g
o back. I need to stay by him for a chance…”

He smiled sadly. “Do you really think that you have a chance?”

“Of course I do. If Cameron backs out, I will get my chance. I really like Wayne, and I don’t want to give
up…” She sniffled while the tears rolled down her cheeks.

Mallon closed his eyes tightly, and after a long pause, he clenched his jaw. “You don’t have a chance,

She shook her head. “No, that’s not possible-”

“He’s already married to Cameron. Why
would you still have a chance?” Mallon looked at her and saw the shock, disbelief, and madness in her


“No! That’s impossible! How could they be married? No way!”

Mallon grabbed her shoulders and said in a low voice. “They’re official, but what are you? Minzy, are yo
u going to abandon your status and be the other woman in someone’s relationship?

“Do you think Wayne doesn’t know about what you’ve done? I got the message because Leonardo fro
m the Blackgold Group came to see me. It was what Wayne wanted!”

Minzy froze on the spot, and her face was pale as a corpse’s.

Mallon let go of her, calmed
down, and warned her. “Follow me back to the Kong Ports tomorrow. If you refuse, I’ll disown you.”

He wouldn’t have threatened his daughter if he wasn’t disappointed.

After he left the room, Minzy fell to the floor and cried her eyes out. This wasn’t the ending that she was

The next day…

Cameron and Waylon attended a press conference to give a statement about the scandal.

Waylon turned to look at Cameron and held her hand. Every reporter there saw it.

One of them asked, “Mr. Goldmann, are you dating Ms. Southern?”

“No,” replied Waylon, and the place turned quiet. Then he slowly continued. “We’re married now, and I’d

Chaos ensued.

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