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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2396

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Chapter 2396

Cameron lowered her head. She would lie if she said she did not want to return.

“I’ll come with you.”

“What about your company?” she asked.

Waylon chuckled, “My father and grandfather are here. They’ll take care of the company”

Cameron’s eyelashes fluttered. She did not know what to say

Waylon placed his lips close to her cheek and said, “I’ll give you ten minutes to clean yourself up and
go downstairs to have breakfast. If not “He turned her over and looked down at her I won’t let you get
off the bed.”

“Alright! Alright! I’ll get up now!”

Cameron pushed him away and rushed into the washroom.

She might need to sleep until the afternoon if they did that again

By the time she had finished cleaning herself up, Waylon had already put on casual attire and was
sitting in front of the table enjoying his coffee. There was some breakfast on the table as well.

Cameron pulled out a chair, sat down, and took a piece of toast. Perhaps she had used too much
energy last night, so she was hungry right now.

“When are we going back?”

He lifted his eyelids and said, “This afternoon. I’ve already bought the tickets.”

“But why did my dad suddenly call me back?” asked Cameron.

After all, he was the one who wanted her to stay in Bassburgh, and she was certain that he must be up
to something no good for calling her back.

Waylon let out a smile and replied, “Who knows?”

Meanwhile, in the Eastern Islands….

Sunny was instructing the maids and butlers in the courtyard. The people in the kitchen were busy
preparing food while the others were decorating the courtyard. Soon, what came into view was a pretty
and majestic wedding hall that followed the Eastern Islands’ traditions.

He pointed at a maid who was putting up a decoration and said, “Hey, hey, hey, you have put it the
wrong way. Take it down and put it up again.”

“Yes, Mr. Southern.” The maid took down the decoration before putting it back on.

The entire household was heavily decorated according to the Eastern Islands’ traditions. When Damian
came into the courtyard, he couldn’t help but exclaim, “Woah! I thought I entered the wrong house. Mr.
Southern, are you having a wedding soon?”

Sunny chuckled happily and said, “My daughter and my son-in-law have already gotten their marriage
certificate. Of course, we’re going to have a wedding.”

If Mahina had not shown him the news yesterday, he wouldn’t have known that they had

already announced their marriage. He was very happy about it, so he called them this morning and told
them to come back.

He wanted to give them a surprise.

Damian laughed and teased him. “It seems like we must keep the wedding celebrations for at least
three days and nights.”

“Definitely. I’ll have a lot of tasks for Yuzu Villa very soon.”

“Sure. We’ll be standing by for your order, Mr. Southern.”

While they continued decorating, Waylon and Cameron had just gotten onto the ship.

Cameron changed into a man outfit and put on a wig. Suddenly, she heard a woman talking to Waylon
in the corridor.

She opened the door and saw that woman. She was wearing a leopard print super short skirt, a mink
coat, and heavy makeup. Apparently, she was trying to hook up with Waylon as she was standing very
close while talking to him.

“Sir, I just tripped myself. Are you not going to help me?”

After she finished her sentence, she leaned onto Waylon.

Cameron clicked her tongue and walked over. Putting her arm on Waylon’s shoulder, she looked at her.
“Really? Do you need my help?”

The woman was stunned. After sizing up Cameron, she chuckled and said, “Boy, you’re too young. I’m
not into someone who’s younger than me.”

The smile on Cameron’s face disappeared as she said, “What a coincidence. I don’t like old women

The woman’s expression changed. “Who are you calling an old woman?”

Cameron chuckled and said, “Given your age, you could even be my mother.”

After that, she turned to Waylon and said, “What’s wrong, big fellow? Are you into an old woman like

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