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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2398

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Chapter 2398

Cameron looked at the clock. “Speak of the devil Do you think they’ve put something in this food?”

Waylon chuckled. “Maybe.”

Cameron cut the steak and said, “Anyway We need to make it look like we’ve fallen for their trap.”

Around 1:00 p.m., the attendant came to collect the dishes. He realized that both Cameron and Waylon
had finished the food

Cameron was yawning while watching the TV on the couch, and Waylon was taking a bath

The attendant pushed the dining car away As he left, he lifted his eyes to look at Cameron before
closing the door.

At the corner of the corridor, the woman in the mink coat took a drag from her cigarette and asked, “Did
they eat the food?”

The attendant opened the lid. “Yeah, they did ”

The woman’s eyes turned cold as a smile tugged at the corner of her lips “Both of them are young. I
think we can harvest some good organs from them ‘

A bald, burly man with a tattooed arm walked over “Nasha, is the prey ready?”

The woman flicked the cigarette ash and replied, “Don’t worry After all the passengers have gone to
rest, we can start.”

The cruise was slowly moving on the sea. Two attendants pushed two wheelchairs toward Waylon’s
guest room during the lunch break and knocked on the door first.

When they didn’t hear any movement from the room, they opened the door using the master key. They
looked at each other and nodded when they saw the two people in the room lying unconscious on the

They carried Waylon and Cameron on the wheelchairs and pushed them out.

They took the freight elevator at the corner of the corridor and came to the basement.

Keeping her head low, Cameron opened her eyes slightly and glanced at Waylon.

‘Well, it seems like he’s pretty good at pretending to be unconscious.’

When the door of the elevator opened, she hastily closed her eyes.

7 The attendant pushed them out and said, “Nasha, here there are.”

The yellow bulbs on the ceiling were emitting weak light, and the corridor was dimly lit.

Cameron heard a few people coming toward them from the corridor.

A man wearing glasses and a white coat came over and lifted their chins. “These two fellows

are rather handsome. They are totally different from our previous prey.”

Nasha looked at her watch and said, “Let’s start now. Otherwise, the drug will wear off.”

The man put on his gloves and grinned. “Don’t worry. Even if the drug has worn off, they can’t get away
from us. Push them in.”

The attendants then pushed both of them into the “operating room”.

Even though the “operating room” was small, it was well-equipped. It was just that the environment was
a bit unhygienic.

Some of the equipment had patches of rust on them because of the humidity.

The man and Nasha walked into the “operating room”. Both of them gestured at the big man with a
tattooed arm behind them to put Waylon and Cameron on the bed.

At the moment the man put Waylon on the bed, the latter cracked his eyes open and pinned the man
down on the floor by pressing his hand on his neck.

“D*mn it! He’s not unconscious!”

The man with glasses touched the weapon on his waist, but Waylon kicked it away just when he pulled
it out.

Nasha’s face turned pale with fright. Just when she was about to run away, someone closed the door.

Cameron stood behind her and said, “Where do you think you’re going?”

“You” Nasha’s voice was trembling, but Cameron pinned her down before she could even say anything.

The man with glasses got up from the floor and threw himself at Waylon.

Waylon rammed into the rack nearby, and the collision caused some of the bottles on the rack to fall on
the floor.

Waylon attacked the man’s back with his elbow. The man couldn’t take it anymore, and just as he
loosened his grip, Waylon threw him onto the rack, knocking off the bed in the process.

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