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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2399

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Chapter 2399

The commotion alerted the people waiting outside. They all rushed into the operating room and were
stunned. “Get them!”

Cameron and Waylon stood back to back as the people surrounded them. The area was too cramped
for them to move around freely, but it was good enough to limit their movement Both of them looked at
the crowd, and Cameron asked, “Are you sure you can do it?”

Waylon loosened his watch and replied, “Do you want to have a match?”

She chuckled. “Sure. Let’s see who can put them down in the shortest time.”

The people’s faces turned livid with rage as they listened to their conversation. “D*mn it! Are you
looking down on us?”

Cameron and Waylon replied in chorus, “Yes.”

That man shouted out of anger, “Let’s get them!”

After the man gave his order, the group threw themselves at them

The cramped operating room was thrown into chaos with so much commotion that even the occupants
of the guest rooms could faintly hear sounds coming from under the floor.

They all came out of their rooms and asked, “What’s happening? Is there a renovation going on? Why
is it so noisy?”

An attendant came forward and calmed the passengers down. Then, he got someone to inform the

An attendant hurriedly walked to the bridge and whispered something next to the captain. The captain
put down his cup, and his face sank. “What the hell are they doing?”

“We have no idea either. Maybe something has gone wrong down there. All of the are aware of the
commotion, and if someone finds out…”


“Then what are you still waiting for? Go check it out right now! We mustn’t let other passengers find out
what’s going on down there!” barked the captain, gritting his teeth.

Once someone found out what they were doing on this cruise, he would be in big trouble as well.
Normally, things like this would not happen, but what happened today?

“Are those people stupid or something? How can they make such a big commotion!?’

After the attendant left, the captain received a call.

The maritime police were approaching them on their patrol boat. When the passengers on the cruise
saw so many maritime police officers, they came out of their rooms and instantly had a bad feeling that
something must have happened to the cruise.

The captain panicked when the maritime police officers asked him to stop the cruise. He gnashed his
teeth and sped up while changing the course.

The cruise was huge, and the sudden change caused the cruise to tilt toward one side. All of the
passengers fell to the floor and shouted in panic. Even the attendants could barely stand still.

In the basement…

The people who were fighting all lost their balance and fell to one side.

Waylon stretched his arm to grab Cameron into his embrace and kicked the man who pounced on
them away.

Cameron frowned. “What happened?”

“I guess the maritime police are here. They’re trying to ask the cruise to stop, but the captain probably
has a deal with these people, so he’s trying to escape,” replied Waylon.

“Is he mad? There are hundreds of passengers on this cruise. Does he think he can escape? Is he
trying to kill everyone on this cruise?”

Waylon pushed her away and put down a man who tried to ambush them. He shouted, “Cam, go to the

Cameron dodged an attack from behind. She raised her leg and kicked the man in the head, sending
him flying out and into the wall.

She turned her head around. “What about you?”

Waylon grabbed a man’s head in his hand and turned around. “I’ll stay here and take care of them.”

Cameron gnashed her teeth, punched a man away, opened the door, and ran out.

A few attendants tried to stop her in the corridor, but she made quick work of them.

The captain did not slow the cruise down. Instead, he continued to speed up while the maritime police
tailed behind the cruise.

Since the captain refused to stop the cruise and there were hundreds of passengers, the maritime
police had no choice but to ask for reinforcements from helicopters and the regional police.

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