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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2408

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Chapter 2408

Leah could see that Zephir had feelings for Daisie since they were that age.

When he gave up on studying finances and switched to film, that showed that he was going into the
entertainment industry because of Daisie.

Daisie raised her brows. “Leah, I’m married.”

“Married? With who?” Leah was shocked.

Daisie told her about Nollace. She looked surprised because she didn’t expect a change in the plot.

“So, you didn’t have feelings for Zephir?”

Daisie paused. “I never said I had feelings for him.”

Leah didn’t know how to react. “I saw that you were close when we were in school. You’re really saying
that you didn’t have feelings for him?”

Daisie placed her hand on her forehead, feeling a little awkward. “I always saw him as an older brother.
I didn’t like him that way.”

Maybe it was because they were too young to tell those feelings apart, but in her heart, Zephir was
always like a brother to her. She didn’t think that Leah would have taken it the wrong way.

Leah sighed. “Too bad you aren’t interested. He really fell for you.”

After lunch, Leah walked Daisie to her car. As she watched Daisie drive away, she picked up her phone
and gave Zephir a call.

Zephir was at the billiard hall.

The private billiard hall was on the 36th floor of the hotel. It was different from the smoke-filled ones.
Not only was smoking not allowed here, but it also had a very comfortable environment and the best
service. It even had a great view.

There was a fine-dining restaurant, a gym, a pool, and more on the floor above.

The rooms were on the floors under this one.

Leah walked into the hall and turned to see Zephir teaching a woman how to play. They looked more
like flirting than playing.

Even Leah was surprised. She had never seen Zephir like that before.

Zephir saw her but didn’t let go of the woman’s hand. He smiled. “Met Daisie?”

The woman looked up at Leah too.

Leah placed her bag on the couch and walked to the table. “Yes, we just had lunch.” After that, she
sized up the woman. “Seems like you’re having fun. It’s rare.”

‘It was rare to see him like that. Did he change because Daisie is married?”

The woman asked him in a flirty voice, “Zeph, is this your friend?”

Zephir nodded, stood up straight, and handed Leah the pool cue the woman was holding. “Play with

The woman was unhappy and shook his arm. “You said you were going to spend time with me.”

But when she saw Zephir’s eyes growing dark, she immediately stopped.

She could read expressions. If she wanted to see him again, she needed to stop, or he would get tired


After the woman left, Leah chuckled. “This isn’t like you.”

He positioned the balls and casually said, “It doesn’t matter. People change.”

“Are you hinting at something?”

He looked up at her and didn’t reply.

Leah polished the tip of the pool cue and continued. “You became a director because of her, and now
that she’s married to someone else, you’re unhappy about it, right?”

Seeing how he was silent, Leah hit the cue ball, sending some of them into the nets. “They love each
other, but it’s just a one-way street for you. You’re letting yourself go just because you can’t have her.
That’s not the Zeph I know.”

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