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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2410

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Chapter 2410

#ls it possible she is pregnant?#

Noilace was making breakfast when Daisie walked down in her pajamas. She quietly hugged him from

behind while running her hands over his chest.

He held her hand and chuckled. “Why are you teasing me so early in the morning?”

She rested her chin on his shoulder and lazily smiled. “You seem to be very at peace recently. Not

by my beauty?”

Noilace turned the gas off, turned around, and hugged her. “Did you forget that you wanted to sleep in

separate rooms before this?”

She looked ashamed and lowered her head.

He had always been very good with self-control. His self-control was flexible. It was like a string that

been pulled tightly, but once it was released, chaos would ensue.

Noilace picked her up, let her sit on the table, and leaned in. “Are you blaming me?”

Daisie cupped his face with both her hands. “I just don’t have as good stamina

as you do. I’m going to start training tomorrow.”

He squinted. ‘Training for what?”

‘To lose weight.” Daisie pinched the flesh around her waist. “All my dresses are

tighter now. If this goes on, my waist will turn into a barrel.”

Nollace chuckled and asked her in a serious tone, “Is it possible that there’s a

baby here?”

He placed his palm on her belly.

Daisie was shocked. “I… don’t think so.”

Daisie said that but was the first to think about that, but she didn’t have any

other signs of pregnancy. She didn’t have morning sickness, other than that one

time during the fashion show.

She lost her appetite after that. She didn’t throw up but couldn’t eat either. All

she could have was soup.

Her period was late before, and when everyone said it was just a change in her

appetite, she never thought it was caused by pregnancy.

But what Nollace said stunned her.

He touched her face and quietly asked, “Do you not want a baby, Daisie?”

She batted her lashes. “No… I’m just not ready yet.”

What if she really was pregnant?”

Nollace kissed her forehead. “I’ll go for a check-up with you after breakfast. If

you really are pregnant, I’ll leave work and spend time with you.”

Nollace brought Daisie to the Obstetrics Department for a scan. She sat in the

office waiting for the report. When the doctor walked in with the report, she told

Daisie she was already five weeks pregnant.

Daisie was stunned because she really was pregnant!

The doctor told Nollace about things that they needed to pay attention to, and Nollace nodded. “Alright,
I got


After that, he walked over to the spaced-out Daisie and knelt in front of her on one knee. “Daisie?”

Daisie snapped back, and her eyes were suddenly red. “I’m afraid that I might not be a good mother…”

She really was pregnant without getting ready for it.

Nollace wiped her tears away. “I’m here.”

The doctor smiled. “It’s normal for first-time mothers to be nervous.

There’s a first for everything. That is how all parents do it.”

Nollace gave Daisie a hug and left with her.

People would leave smiling after finding out that they were pregnant, but Daisie left with tears. The

assumed she couldn’t conceive and was sad about it.


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