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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2411

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Chapter 2411

They came to the parking lot. Daisie still buried her head in Noilace’s arms even though they had
gotten into

the car.

Edison turned around and looked at them. “What happened?”

‘Why is she crying? Could it be that she’s disappointed because she isn’t pregnant?*

Caressing her head, Nollace chuckled. “How can you still cry when you’re going to become a mother

Won’t you feel embarrassed?”

She snorted lightly and replied, “Hmph! It’s none of your business.”

Her eyelashes were wet, and Nollace kissed her. “What if our baby is a crybaby? I’ll have to run here

there comforting both you and our kid daily. Well, I may become very busy, but I think it isn’t a bad life

Daisie chuckled and smacked him.

Nollace secured her tightly in his arms and said, “Not going to cry anymore?”

She buried her head in his shoulder and did not say anything.

Nollace asked Edison to start the car. During the journey, Daisie was huffing

beside his neck as she placed her lips close to his skin on purpose.

Nollace tightened his embrace and pitched his voice low. “Daisie.”

Daisie blinked innocently and looked back at him as she knew he could not do

anything to her now.

Nollace was caught between tears and laughter as he cupped her chin. “Is this

some kind of revenge?”

“Who told you not to tell me in advance so that I could prepare myself?”

Daisie said as she played around his collar with her finger. “So, did you know

about it a long time ago?”

Nollace chuckled. “I was just suspecting. I didn’t know about it.”

He knew when her period would be coming since he had been with her for so

long. He had his eyes on her, so it went without saying that her changes

wouldn’t escape his eyes.

Daisie was stunned. She lay in his arms silently.

Even though she was not expecting a baby right now, she was still looking

forward to it since this was the first kid she and Nollace would have.

Naturally, the Goldmanns soon learned about Daisie’s pregnancy. When Maisie

learned that her daughter was pregnant, she put aside her work and came to

Taylorton with Nicholas.

Maisie brought a lot of nutritional products as well as a nutritionist and a nanny

with her.

Daisie was stunned and said, “Mom, don’t you think you’re a bit overreacting?”

“I’m not. I did the same thing as well when Freyja was pregnant.” Maisie

grabbed her hand. “You’re pregnant now, Daisie. You need to be extra careful.”

Nicholas, who was sitting on the couch, chuckled. “That’s right, Daisie. You

should listen to your mother. Coleman already has a daughter, and now you’re

pregnant. It seems like our family is getting bigger and bigger.”

Maisie chuckled.

Daisie turned around and looked at Nollace, who was coming down the stairs.

He stopped midway and smiled, but he did not go over to join them.

Suddenly, Daisie thought of something and said, “Mom, Grandpa, I’ll go back to Yaramoor with Nolly


Nicholas was stunned. He had nearly forgotten that Nollace was one of the Knowles.

Smiling, Maisie said, “Sure. You and Nolly have already gotten your marriage certificate. It’s only right
for you

to return to Yaramoor to visit his parents.”

Daisie leaned on Maisie’s shoulder.

Maisie hugged her shoulder and said, “No matter where you are, you’ll always be our precious

Meanwhile, in the East Islands…

The entire Southern household was filled with joy to the beam. The courtyard was brightly lit, and

had beaming smiles on their faces.

Even though it was not a big wedding banquet, it was grand. A dozen luxury cars were parked outside

gate, and the gifts brought by the guests of honor, who were good friends with Sunny, were extremely


Sunny and Damian were receiving the guests in front of the gate. When Wayion walked over, he hastily

called him to introduce him to his friends from Southeast Eurasia.

“This is my son-in-law. You can call him Wayne.”


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