Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 2420

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Zoey’s shoulders trembled.

‘Damn, I’ve been careless. Or is this man so terrifyingly insidious?‘

Zephir placed his hand on her shoulder. “Do you want to be the lead actress in my movie?”

“I… I…” Zoey could not even speak at this moment.

However, Zephir smirked and stroked her face. “It’s just a role, so why bother risking everything that
you have? I can give you the role.”

Zoey was dumbfounded. “Really?”

He squinted and grinned while his fingers rested on the neck that was covered with finger marks. “Of
course, as long as you listen to my orders and do as I say.”

Zoey really thought that Zephir was willing to support her, and she was exhilarated deep down. But how
would she know she would be completely ruined in the future?

A few days later, Zephir’s studio announced the film preparations, and the lead actress was Zoey. With
this announcement, more netizens started talking about Zoey’s relationship with Zephir. After all, on the
night of the show, the man who attended the event with Zoey was Zephir.

At the same time, an announcement about the TV series starring Daisie came out, claiming that it
would be scheduled to go live next year. The netizens were looking forward to Daisie’s new drama, and
the popularity once overwhelmed the news regarding Zoey playing the lead actress.

The netizens thought it was a competition between the two, but in fact, it was just a coincidence that
both announcements were posted on the same day.

Seeing the suspicions of the netizens, Nollace was obviously upset. The Internet was making it look
like his wife and that woman were secretly competing with each other over that b*stard.

He directly blocked the public relations account of the media that released the announcements.

Daisie, who came into the study with a fruit platter, could not help but laugh out loud when she saw
what he was doing.

Nollace closed the lid of his laptop and turned to look at her. “What are you laughing at?”

She placed the fruits down and sat on his thigh. “You’re so childish. Why would you care about this

Nollace snorted softly. “I don’t like it.”

She kissed him on the cheek. “Hubby, be good. Waylon and Cameron have come back, so Dad asked
us to go back to the mansion.”

At the same time, in the Goldmann mansion…

Nicholas and Titus were sitting on the couch and fighting over the phone to watch the video of
Cameron’s wedding banquet and ceremony that took place in the East Islands.

Seeing that Sunny was willing to spend so much money on the ceremony, Titus did not plan to be
outdone by his in–law. “No matter what happens, we have to hold a banquet when the time comes too.
The Goldmanns mustn’t embarrass our eldest daughter–in–law.”

Nicholas shook his head and chuckled helplessly. “They’re all children of our family. Why are we putting
them in a competition?”

“That won’t work! It must be grand! We can’t let others think that we Goldmanns are treating the
Southerns ‘daughter badly!”

Nicholas was rendered speechless.

Cameron turned her head to look at Waylon and said softly, “Your great–grandfather really loves
comparing the Goldmanns with others, huh?”

Waylon smiled. “He’s very sensitive when it comes to the Goldmanns‘ reputation.”

He knew that his great–grandfather was a man that placed a lot of emphasis on honor and reputation
since he was a child. It was not that the family must not be overshadowed by the other families in
Bassburgh. It was just that the Goldmanns must not lose the basic grandeur and status that they
should possess and showcase.

Titus thought of something and immediately looked at Waylon. “By the way, your sister is already
pregnant. Why aren’t you doing anything about that?”

Cameron was surprised. “Daisie is pregnant already?”

‘Are you kidding me? How long has it been since we went back to the East Islands? She already has a

in her womb?‘

Titus picked up the teacup and said to Waylon, “You’re the only ones left now. Now is the best time for
you three to give birth. At least your grandfather is still here to help you take care of the kids. Think

about the time when your mother gave birth to you three. It was extremely difficult for her, wasn’t it?”

Nicholas picked up a knife, peeled an apple, and laughed. “Oh, so you actually know how hard it
probably was for your granddaughter–in–law to take care of three children at once?”

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