Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 2421

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“What’s wrong? Can’t I talk about this? There’s no reason to bring up something from so long ago.”

The father and son started bickering.

Waylon hugged Cameron by her shoulders and brought her away from the living room.

Cameron laughed when they got to the garden. “The two old men are so adorable. They’re so different
from you.”

Waylon squinted and looked at her while tilting his head. “So different from us?”

Cameron turned to face him while walking backward, “Do you bicker with your brother? No. The rowdy
ones in your family are your sister and the two old men.

“If they weren’t around, I think your home would be so quiet, unlike the Southern Clan.”

Colton and Waylon would never be rowdy, and neither would Nolan and Maisie. Other than Daisie and
the two elders, the rest of the Goldmanns were just like them.

Waylon stopped in his tracks and smiled. “That’s true. It really is livelier when Great–grandpa and
Grandpa are around, but…” He paused for a few seconds and raised his brows. “If you want to add to
that, we can have a few kids.”

Cameron turned away. “You can have them yourself.”

Seeing how her ears had turned red, he smiled and walked closer. “Can I request it?”

“Shut up.

She turned around and saw Nollace and Daisie getting out of the car. Daisie smiled and waved at
them. Brother! Sister–in–law!”

Cameron wasn’t used to hearing Daisie call her sister–in–law.

Waylon watched them walk over and gave Nollace a quick glance. “Your good news spread fast.”

Nollace put his hand around Daisie’s waist. “You should catch up.”

Cameron frowned. “Are you having a competition on who gets a baby sooner?”

They had just gotten married, and now they were being asked about having a baby.

Waylon smiled. “That’s not what I meant.”

Cameron smirked and crossed her arms. “But that’s what’s on your mind.”

Daisie couldn’t help but smile, then held her arm. “Alright, let’s ignore them. How is your father?
Haven’t seen him in a while, and I’m starting to miss him.”

Cameron smiled and answered, “He’s good, so don’t worry, you’ll see him one day.”

Waylon patted Nollace’s shoulder. “I guess this conversation doesn’t involve us. Do you want to take a

Nollace nodded, so they left.

After Daisie saw them walk away, she smiled and asked, “I heard that you had your wedding on the
East Islands?”

Cameron pressed her lips together. “My father wanted it. We wouldn’t have had it so soon if it weren’t

because he was pushing us…” She looked down at Daisie’s belly. “But you’re pregnant so quickly.”

Daisie paused and smiled. “It was a surprise. I didn’t expect it to happen so soon either.”

They were unprepared.

“Will you stop acting after this?”

Daisie was stumped.

Cameron looked at her. “A lot of artists leave the spotlight for a few years after getting pregnant during
their prime. When they return, they are a lot less popular. Do you think you’re ready for that?”

After a long pause and contemplation, Daisie said, “Don’t worry. As long as I can still get roles, there’s
nothing to worry about.”

She didn’t care about her popularity. All she needed was her acting skills.

Only celebrities who had to rely on their popularity would worry about that, but actors would still be
actors after they came out of retirement.

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