Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 2422

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Cameron suddenly chuckled. “That’s not bad. I thought you would give up your dreams after getting

Daisie smiled. “We don’t live for our children, and neither should they. We’re all individuals. Life is too
short, so if I give up on a career I love because of my child, my life will be meaningless.”

Cameron smirked. “But Nollace and the Goldmanns have money. It would be able to cover your
expenses for a few lifetimes.”

Even if she gave up on her career and stayed home doing nothing, she wouldn’t have to worry about

That was a life that most people wanted. Why else would people want to marry into rich families? They
were all eyeing that comfort.

Daisie beamed. “No way. I can’t just use my family’s money. I would feel bad for Nolly.”

Cameron smirked. Did she just get a slap on her face?

But she finally understood why Nollace would care so much about Daisie. It was because Daisie’s
heart was full of him.

How could a woman who would take risks with him without caring about her own safety not be the
person he cared for the most?

Meanwhile, at a restaurant…

Leah went on a blind date with someone her family had introduced her to. She only went because she
didn’t have a choice.

She slowly picked up her water cup when she heard the requirements and conditions. “I will not give up
my career to marry you. I’m sorry.”

The man paused and frowned. “You are an interpreter and have to travel most of the time. I have to
stay here and take care of my mother. It would be no different from living separately. Since when do
marriages where the couple doesn’t see each other a lot last?”

The man continued. “I make $90,000 a year, more than enough to take care of you. Even if you’re a
Younge, you have to marry sooner or later, no?”

After she heard what he said, she raised her brows and said with a poker face, “I’m the only child in the
Younge family. Even if I don’t get married, my family will still take care of me. My parents wish for me to
marry an outstanding man, but not a man who thinks he’s outstanding.”

The man’s face dropped. “You say that I think I’m outstanding. You’re a woman in her late 20s. If it
weren’t for

your family, do you think any man would be interested in you? You’ll be lucky to even get married.”

Leah smiled. “I’m sorry then. Even if I have to get married, it won’t be with you.”

The man slammed the table and yelled, “Do you think I want to marry you? You arrogant woman. I’m
sure you’ve been used by many men!”

Leah splashed the cup of water on his face.

Everyone who heard the commotion looked around.

Before the man could react, she slammed the cup down. “You can’t even respect women. Only the
blind would marry you.”

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