Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 2424

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It was soon the annual charity ball. The event was filled with celebrities. Zoey wore an haute couture
dress and walked the red carpet with the big names. She quickly became the focus of the event.

Daisie, who wasn’t wearing haute couture, was compared to her.

After walking into the event hall, Zoey walked over to Daisie. “No way! The princess of the Goldmann
family isn’t wearing haute couture? Oh well, I guess you won’t be able to fit into haute couture if you’re

Daisie wore a loose dress with a fur coat that could cover her belly. Even though it wasn’t haute
couture, that fur coat cost five figures.

Daisie turned to look at her and calmly replied, “This is a charity ball, not a beauty pageant.”

“Alright, just say you can’t fit into the dresses. There’s no need for excuses.”

Zoey stopped in front of her and crossed her arms. “You’re going to leave the industry after giving birth
anyway. I’m looking forward to not having you around.”

Zoey happily walked away after saying that because she was imagining the scene of Daisie being
angry and defeated. None of that mattered, however, because she now had a bright future in the
industry. Even if Daisie returned postpartum, she would only end up with supporting roles.

When she saw the media pointing their cameras at her, Zoey immediately smiled sweetly and showed
off her voluptuous body.

She turned around to look at Daisie and see how disappointed she was. Unexpectedly, Daisie wasn’t
even looking at her and was having a chat with the event organizers.

Zoey’s phone that was in her bag rang. She saw that Zephir’s assistant was calling, so she picked up
with a smile. “Yes?”

“Zoey, are you crazy? How could you wear haute couture to a charity event? You need to know when to
draw the line!” that person yelled right after she picked up.

Among all the celebrities who attended the ball, only Zoey was in haute couture. People thought she
was just there for the red carpet. She was drawing too much attention to herself compared to the other

Zoey ignored the yelling. “Didn’t Zeph say that I need to do what I have to to become famous? So what
if I’m trying to get more attention? The worst I can get is some mocking, but if I can become famous,
I’m famous.”

The person called her dumb and hung up.

After that, he called Zephir to report to him. “Zoey has no brains. We’re going to be in trouble if we’re
behind her fame.”

Zephir watched the event on his couch as he swirled the wine in his glass. “I’m just giving her a chance
to climb the ladder. What she does is her business.”

The assistant was surprised. “You’re… not trying to make her famous?”

Zephir slowly sipped his wine. “Do you know what a target is?”

Helping her to fame wasn’t his main focus. She would start acting up when she had the illusion she
was famous. Given her actions, she would soon become the industry’s target and be shot down when
she did something wrong.

That was the price for threatening him.


When the event organizers asked everyone for a group picture, Zoey walked to the middle and wanted
to get the best spot while ignoring everyone else.

Daisie saw her doing that and was going to remind her, but she remembered something and didn’t
speak. She then walked aside.

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