Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 2423

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“You threw water in my face!”

The man lost his temper and was going to hit her, but he was stopped before his hand went down. He
angrily looked back. “Mind your own-”

Zephir grabbed his wrist so he couldn’t move. “Are you sure you want to hit a woman in public?”

The man realized everyone was staring at him, so he clenched his jaw, clicked his tongue, and left.
Leah looked at Zephir. “Why are you here?”

He calmly replied. “I was having a meal with some business partners and saw you.”

Leah picked up her bag. “Thanks.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Zephir left the restaurant with Leah while he left Zoey drinking with two men by herself. Zoey couldn’t
drink anymore, but seeing Zephir wasn’t coming back, she wanted to find an excuse to leave.

The men didn’t want to let her go. One of them held her shoulder. “Mr. Gosling said you would stay and
spend time with us, but you’re leaving?”

Zoey froze. “What do you mean?”

“Don’t you want to be the female lead? As long as…” The man leaned in and whispered something into
her ear while holding her waist.

Zoey stood up reflexively. “I’m his woman! He wouldn’t do that!”

The man scoffed. “Do you think he is interested in you? Given his background, he will have a marriage
of convenience with someone from an affluent family. You’re just an entertainer. What value can you
bring to the Gosling family?”

Zoey shook in anger while her face turned pale.

The man pulled her into his arms. “He is very interested in working with us, so you better obey if you
want to be the female lead.”

Zoey bit her lip because she knew how pragmatic the industry was. She had to rise to the top because
she knew that, by hook or by crook.

Soon, she smiled and poured out some wine. “I’m sorry. Let me take a drink as an apology.”

She picked up the glass and drank it all.

Zephir drove Leah home and parked outside her house. As she was getting out, he suddenly spoke.
“I’m sorry about what happened the other day.”

He was talking about getting dragged to the police station for the brawl.

Leah smiled. “There’s no need to apologize. I really said some things that weren’t nice to hear. I
understand if you were unhappy about it.”

She remembered something and asked, “By the way, did Daisie speak to you?”

Zephir paused. “No, why?”

She was curious because she thought Daisie would speak to him, but she hadn’t.

She couldn’t blame Daisie, though. She had her own family now, and even if she didn’t contact Zephir,
it was probably to avoid misunderstandings.

“Thanks for sending me home. I’m going to go inside now.”

She got out and walked into her home compound.

After she walked away, Zephir picked up his phone and searched for Daisie’s number but realized it

in his blocked list. His eyes grew dark. It was obvious that Zoey had touched his phone.

At that moment, he received a text, and the person said that they were at the hotel. Zoey had gone

Zephir smirked. ‘This woman will do anything to get to where she wants.‘

After a week, Zoey received resources to become an A–lister and attended events and parties with big
names. She signed endorsement contracts with a few big brands and would get into the trending list
every few days.

There were rumors that she had obtained female lead roles that were backlogged until the middle of
the next year. When an artist who started from a girl group received so many resources, people started
to suspect if she had a financial supporter.

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