Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 2427

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The incident continued to develop on the Internet, and everyone wanted Daisie to come out and say
something about it.

In Zephir’s workshop…

Zephir’s assistant told Zoey to tell the truth.

Sitting on the chair, Zoey refused to listen to him and said, “Why should I tell the truth? She was the
one who slapped me across the face, so she should come and apologize to me.”

The assistant rubbed his temple and said, “Zoey, this is the last warning Mr. Gosling gives you. You
should do as he says before it’s too late.”

Zoey rose to her feet and said, “Unless Daisie comes and apologizes to me. Or else, I won’t back

As soon as she finished speaking, Nollace appeared outside of the door with his lawyer. “The one who
should apologize to my wife is you.”

Zoey’s expression changed. “What do you mean?”

She took two steps back and looked at them warily. “Are you all going to help Daisie? I was the one
who got slapped across the face. Why is everyone helping her? Is there no justice in this world?”

Nollace loosened his watch and looked at her coldly. “Do you deserve justice?”

Zoey’s face sank. Nollace was Daisie’s husband, so it went without saying that he was on her side. As
if she thought of something, she sneered coldly. “I’m sure you don’t know that your wife has been

flirting with Zephir, right?”

“What are you talking about, Zoey!?” Zephir’s assistant did not expect Zoey to be so brainless. How
could she try to sow discord between Daisie and Nollace while she was in Zephir’s office? Did she not
know that it would also bring bad consequences to Zephir?

Upon seeing that Nollace’s face had turned dark, a triumphant smile crossed Zoey’s face as she
continued. “Do you know that Daisie has been pestering Zephir? Rather than poking your nose into my
affairs, you should go back and look after your wife.”

Nollace looked at Zoey coldly. After a short while, he chuckled. “Do you really think your petty trick will
work on me?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he waved his arm, and the bodyguards behind him opened the
laptop. On the screen was the footage of the security camera outside the restroom.

In the video, it was Zoey who had chased after Daisie and tried to push her. After that, Zephir showed
up and grabbed Daisie before she fell to the floor. Then, Daisie went forward and slapped Zoey across
the face.

Zoey’s face turned bloodless after she saw the recording.

“I’ve already published the recording on the Internet. So shouldn’t you be the one who apologizes to my

Zoey’s shoulders trembled. “Fine! I’ll apologize to your wife.”

‘It’s only an apology. I can always get my revenge on her afterward.‘

“But it’s already too late.”

“What do you mean?” Zoey asked, looking at Nollace in shock.

Nollace continued indifferently. “You have targeted my wife several times. Even though my wife decided
to forgive you each time, it doesn’t mean that I’ll forgive you too.”

He dusted his suit and chuckled. “For the record, I’m someone who’ll stop at nothing to achieve my

His eyes were cold, and Zoey felt a chill down her spine.

She panicked and said, “No! You can’t do this to me! I didn’t do anything wrong!”

Nollace replied calmly, “Really? Then what about the resources you gained by selling your own body?”

Zoey froze. She was trembling so much that she could not speak.

Nollace threw a stack of photos at her. A few photos were scattered on the floor, and those photos
were unpleasant to look at.

Even Zephir’s assistant could not help himself and turned his head away.

Zoey stumbled and fell to the couch. She felt as if her energy had left her. Her face contorted with
anger and disgust as the painful memories resurfaced in her head. However, her reaction was totally
different from what was shown in the photos. In the pictures, she seemed to be enjoying the process.

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