Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 2428

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The one thing in this world Zoey refused to face was her own desire that she kept in the deepest part of

her heart.

What Nollace did was like a public execution. He had trampled her pride and self–esteem on the
ground. Nollace looked at his lawyer and asked, “What’s the punishment for prostitution?”

The lawyer pushed his eyeglasses and replied, “Regardless of the location, it’s inherently illegal to
engage in sexual transactions with people to obtain remuneration benefits, and so forth. Although it
doesn’t constitute a crime, it’s subject to detention for more than ten days and less than fifteen days,
and a fine of $800,”

Nollace smiled at Zoey and asked, “Do you have anything to say, Ms. Markle?”

Zoey shook her head and shouted hysterically, “No. I was forced to do it. It wasn’t me… It wasn’t my

“Nobody cares whether you’re forced or not. The police and the judge will only look at the evidence.
Besides, didn’t you already get what you wanted? So there’s no way you can escape from this. This is
just the beginning.”

Nollace turned around and continued. “It won’t affect you if we just give you a warning. Since you take
other people’s tolerance for granted, I’ll let you know the consequences of not behaving yourself.”

After he had finished speaking, he left with his men.

He ran into Zephir in the corridor and stopped in front of him. There was a meaningful smile tugging at
the corner of his lips as he said, “What do you think about this show, Mr. Gosling?”

Zephir looked at him and asked, “What are you trying to say?”

Nollace went closer to him. He looked straight into his eyes calmly and continued. “I let you off the hook
last time, and since you protected Daisie and our baby this time, we’re even now. I hope you can
behave yourself as well, Mr. Gosling.”

Without waiting for Zephir to say anything, Nollace walked away.

Zephir pressed his lips tightly and walked into his office.

Zoey was crying herself hoarse on the couch. When she saw Zephir, she threw herself in front of him
and grabbed his hand. “You’ll help me, right? I know I’m wrong. Please, you’re the only one who can
help me…”

Zephir flung her hand away and said, “What makes you think I’ll help you?”

Zoey was stumped. Looking at the coldness in his eyes, she couldn’t hold herself back anymore and
lashed out at Zephir. “You’re the one who asked me to stay with them. If something happens to me, you
won’t be able to get away either!”

Zephir glanced at his assistant.

After his assistant left, he slapped Zoey across the face, causing her to fall to the floor.

“Did I force you? Didn’t you do it voluntarily? And now you’re going to threaten me?” Zephir grabbed
her chin and continued. “I thought you’re a smart woman since you’re willing to stop at nothing to set
me up, but it seems like I was wrong. I don’t know what makes you think you can wrap people around
your little finger.”

Zoey trembled. She couldn’t say anything. It was only now that she realized she had fallen into a trap

specifically prepared for her. She had been under the impression she was the queen who had
everything under her control, but in reality, she was just a pawn that other people could sacrifice at any

Zephir released her and stood up straight. “You think you’re smart, but you’re dumb as a rock. Even if
Daisie doesn’t rely on her family in the entertainment industry, you have no way to harm her, either. The
reason the Goldmanns don’t do anything to you is that you’re just a clown who doesn’t deserve their
attention at all. Do you really think you’re that good and important? Don’t you know what happened to

Zoey sat frozen stiff on the floor. There were no tears in her eyes. She clenched her hand and gnashed
her teeth tightly.

She just couldn’t accept it. She couldn’t accept that Daisie could get the role she wanted without

difficulty, while she had to give up on the role she had worked so hard for just because she did not
have any family background.

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