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Chapter 2432

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“I’ve been forced into doing so too.” Zoey took off her mask and looked at the terrible environment.
“How are you willing to live in this kind of place?”

“Otherwise?” Tiffany gave off a smirk and spread her hands. “Can you go against those capitalists and
beat them back in Bassburgh?”

“Don’t you hate Daisie too?” Zoey walked up to her and propped her hands against the surface of the
table. “If it wasn’t for them, you wouldn’t even end up in this rotting place today. So how about we join

Tiffany took a glance at Zoey. “You want us to join forces? What can you, a wanted criminal, contribute
to this proposal of yours?”

“I have nothing left, so I’m not afraid of anything. I know you were used by Zephir Gosling too, and I
stabbed him. Consider that a thing that I did to avenge you.”

‘I heard about what happened to Tiffany back then. Although Tiffany seems to be the one who wanted
to sabotage Nollace, Zephir was the actual mastermind who came up with the whole scheme behind


‘Tiffany was just his pawn, so she must not be reconciled to being used like that, right?”

Tiffany extinguished the cigarette butt in her hand and scoffed. “What do you plan to do then?”

Zoey continued viciously. “All of them care so much about Daisie, don’t they? If that’s the case, I want
Daisie dead. I want them to suffer a hundred times, a thousand times more than we did!”

Back in Bassburgh…

Cameron asked Daisie to go out for lunch. However, instead of going to a restaurant, the two went to
an Asian snack bar on the side of the road.

“Daisie, if I were to plan to start a martial arts training center in Bassburgh, what would you think about

Daisie glanced at her and looked surprised. “You want to start a martial arts training center?”

Cameron bit her fork. “Yeah, I’ll be teaching the trainees martial arts, cultivating their attitudes and
personalities, building up their physiques, and improving their health. How good does that sound? And
the main thing is that I can take in apprentices. As soon as I have taken in a batch of apprentices, I’ll be
considered as someone of higher status in the city, won’t I?”

‘Just like when I was back on my home turf.’

Daisie chuckled. “Are you planning to take in apprentices or thugs?”

Cameron waved her hand. “Pfft! They’re all the same, aren’t they?”

“Have you discussed this with my brother?”

“Nope.” Cameron leaned back in the chair. “Why should I discuss it with him? If he were to get
aggressive again, I’d be the one who’s going to have to suffer.”

Daisie was astonished for a moment. “Suffer? Does my brother abuse you?”

Cameron blurted out, “Can it be considered abuse when it’s done in bed?”

Daisie was astounded and rendered speechless. Her cheeks flushed instantly, and she looked around

‘Jesus Christ! That’s too many details!‘

Cameron did not stop there. “Your eldest brother isn’t human at all. He always tosses me around on the
bed and doesn’t let me sleep at all. He even- Mmm!”

Daisie covered her mouth that could not stop blabbering.

The people sitting around them looked over with slightly weird expressions as if they had heard

Daisie’s cheeks were as red as a cooked lobster. “Stop. You shouldn’t be talking about this kind of thing
when we’re out in public.”

Cameron took her hand away. “Nollace treats you like this too?”

Daisie’s cheeks were so warm that they were about to smoke. “This… This topic is so inappropriate.”

Cameron leaned closer to her. “So, am I right?”

“Cough, cough.” Daisie was choked by her own words and quickly changed the subject. “Okay, where
do you plan to set up the martial arts training center? Have you found a location?”

“Not yet. I’m planning to bring you along after lunch.” Cameron drank her soup slowly, thought of
something, and put her spoon down. “The place that we went to last time seems pretty good.”

Daisie was taken aback. “That martial arts training center that we went to last time?”

Cameron nodded. “Yes, it is located downtown and has an independent ring, and the interior is large
too. Do you think we can find another location in Bassburgh that has such a huge space?”

Daisie gave it a good thought. “Even if you’re only planning to rent a place, it’s very difficult to find such
a large space. Even if there’s such a place, you might have to search for places in the suburbs.”

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