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Chapter 2435

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“As for what happened last time, Conroy brought it on himself. Naturally, I don’t care about that matter,
but…” Nick looked at Cameron, walked toward her, and stopped in front of her. “It’s about time for us to
resolve the grievances between us in one go?”

Cameron lifted her gaze and looked at him. “How do you plan to resolve it?”

Nick leaned over and approached her with a profound smirk. “I wonder if your skills have improved, I
would like to get into the ring with you once again.

After Daisie left the training center, she called Waylon and told him about Cameron’s decision to stay
back in that place because she was worried about her.

Upon hearing that, the pen in Waylon’s hand stopped writing. “Are you saying the owner of the martial
arts training center holds some sort of grudge against Cameron?”

“Probably. I can feel it.” Daisie lowered her gaze. “Waylon, I’m very worried about Cameron. No matter
how strong Cameron is, the opponent doesn’t seem to be some random weakling, either. What if
Cameron were to run into some trouble?”

Waylon was silent for half a second. “Okay, understood.”

After the call was over, Waylon closed the documents on the desk and summoned Leonardo.

Leonardo walked into the office. “Mr. Goldmann, is my assistance needed?”

Waylon got up. “Something just came up, and I have to go out. Help me look into the background of
Nick Wickam, the owner of this martial arts training center.”

Leonardo was stunned for a moment, and before he could react, Waylon had already left the room.

At the same time, in the training center…

Cameron and Nick had already gone against each other for a few rounds in the ring. Their moves were
equally terrifying–it could be said that they were evenly matched.

Dylan was nervous and fearful as he witnessed the fight from the audience.

Cameron’s moves were unpredictable, and she was extremely cautious in both her offense and
defense. Meanwhile, Nick did not dare to let his guard down. His successive attacks left Cameron with
no room to catch her breath.

He avoided Cameron’s attack, took two steps backward, wiped his lips, and scoffed. “After all these
years, you don’t seem to have made much progress.”

Cameron turned around and gave him a sideways kick, but he blocked it with both arms. The force
would have cracked his arms if he had not been training all these years.

Cameron continued to take an offensive stance, but Nick continued to evade her. “You’re too slow.”

He seemed to be able to see Cameron’s moves clearly and defend himself against every single move
she made, but at the same time, he could not make a move.

Dylan looked at this scene with a worried expression. “Does the grandmaster have no chance to fight
back at all?”

The middle–aged man beside him snorted. “It’s not that the grandmaster has no chance to retaliate.
He’s just waiting for the opportunity. Didn’t you notice that the grandmaster has been testing her, trying

figure out her moves?”

Dylan suddenly realized it. “So that’s how it is.”

‘The grandmaster is indeed a real powerhouse.‘

Cameron’s moves were all arduous but fruitless, and soon, she fell into a corner. Even though she
knew that her opponent had only been prodding her to test her out, he would definitely have the upper
hand as soon as she showed a tiny opening.

“How can you manage to get distracted at this moment?” Nick suddenly appeared right in front of her.
Cameron was startled, but it was already too late for her to fight back–his palm hit her on the shoulder,
and she took a few steps back instantly and was about to fall out of the ring.

A hand grabbed her arm in time to keep her from falling, and Nick did not let go of her. “You really
haven’t changed at all.”

A scene flashed across Cameron’s mind, and a hint of cunningness surged from the bottom of her
eyes. ” Who said so?”

She turned over suddenly, and before Nick could return to his senses, he had already been dragged off
the ring by Cameron.

When the two fell off the ring, Dylan and the others rushed forward. “Grandmaster!”

Cameron stood up from the ground, patted her clothes, and grinned. “You didn’t win either.”

Dylan pointed at her. “You’re so cunning that you even turned to such dirty tricks. If the grandmaster
had not grabbed you just now, you would have fallen long ago. You’re just someone who won’t admit

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