Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 2441

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Before Cameron could finish her sentence, a car rushed toward them at high speed. Cameron tapped
on the steering wheel, and the sharp screeching sound of tires followed.

Daisie grabbed onto the seat belt and protected her belly while keeping her eyes tightly shut.

They couldn’t avoid the car and bumped into the car in front of them.

That immediately caused a chain accident.

Cameron ignored her own pain and stretched her hand toward Daisie. “Daisie, are you alright?”

She turned to look at Daisie in the passenger’s seat. She was shaking, and her face was pale because
she was shocked. “I… I’m fine, but my belly hurts.”

Cameron saw blood running down her legs, so she immediately unbuckled her belt and got out of the
car. She grabbed the driver who came down to take a look. “Please drive us to the hospital. My friend is

Cameron pulled Daisie out of the car and saw the blood running down her legs. The kind driver
immediately drove them to the nearest hospital.

Waylon was halfway through a meeting in the meeting room when his phone vibrated. He picked it up
and saw that Cameron was calling.

“I’m sorry, I need to take this.” Waylon got up, patted Leonardo’s shoulder, and walked out. Leonardo
took over the meeting.

He answered, “What’s going on?”

Cameron said something to him, and his face turned gloomy. “Send the address to me, I’ll get there

Cameron paced the corridor anxiously. The smell of sanitizer in the hospital made her even more
anxious, but soon after, Nollace, Maisie, and Nolan got there.

Maisie rushed toward Cameron. “Where’s Daisie? How is she?”

“She’s still inside…” She sounded tired because she was feeling guilty and blamed herself because
she was the reason they were in an accident.

Nollace looked sullen. “What happened?”

Cameron looked down. “I don’t know. I was just driving when a car suddenly rushed toward us. I
avoided it… I’m sorry, this is all my fault. I shouldn’t have asked her to go out with me.”

If anything happened to Daisie and the baby, what would she do? She would probably regret it for the
rest of her life.

Nollace balled up his fists and walked over to the obstetric ward after some time.

Maisie walked closer to Cameron and held her hand. “It’s alright, don’t blame yourself. All that matters
is that you’re both safe. We’ll see how Daisie is.”

Cameron pressed her lips together.

Maisie and Nolan headed to the obstetric ward too.

Waylon walked out of the elevator and called out to Cameron. She turned around, and he stopped in

of her. “Are you alright?”

She shook her head while her eyes turned red. “Daisie might…”

He took a deep breath and looked toward the ward. Daisie was still in the early stages of her
pregnancy. If anything happened, it would be difficult to explain to Nollace.

In the room…

Daisie was still out cold. Nollace stood next to her bed, looking anxious.

Maisie and Nolan asked the doctor how Daisie was at the door, then they asked about the child.

The doctor calmly replied, “She’s in danger of a miscarriage, but we’ve given her some medication to
stabilize the baby. She’ll need to stay here for observation and take Vitamin E. It will probably take
around a week before things stabilize.

Maisie finally gave a sigh of relief and nodded. “Alright, thank you.”

After the doctor walked away, Maisie looked into the room. To a pregnant mother, a miscarriage would
be devastating, so she hoped that her child would never have to go through that.

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