Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 2448

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When the police caught Zoey and Tiffany, none of them had their clothes on.

One week later, Daisie was discharged from the hospital.

The reporters waiting outside the hospital rushed toward her when they saw her, bombarding her with
many questions, be it about her kid or whether Zoey was the main culprit who put her in the hospital.

Nollace guarded Daisie behind him and replied, “Thank you for your concern. My wife and kid are fine.”

Daisie grabbed Nollace’s hand and smiled.

Nollace hugged her tightly in his arms and walked toward the car outside under the protection of their
bodyguards. After getting into the car, they went away as the reporters watched on.

When they returned to the Goldmann mansion, Maisie instructed the maids to prepare the lunch.

Daisie looked at the scrumptious meal on the table and said helplessly, “Mom, don’t you think this is a
bit too much?”

“You call this too much? All of this is good for your health,” Maisie said as she pushed a bowl of
chicken soup to Daisie. “We’ve already informed your manager. You don’t have to go to work so soon.
You’re going to stay at home and rest for the time being.”

Daisie took a sip from the soup and replied, “But I’ve rested for a long time.”

Maisie looked at Nollace and said, “You need to keep your eyes on your wife.” Nollace chuckled. “Don’t
worry, Mom. I will.”

He grabbed Daisie’s hand and said, “I’m going to take Daisie back to Yaramoor before Christmas.”

Maisie was stunned for a moment before she chuckled. “Alright. It’s time for Daisie to return with you
since you haven’t gone home for a long time. Remember to help me send my regards to your parents.”

Nollace nodded and smiled.

Daisie rested her chin on her hand and said, “I wonder how Freyja and Colton are doing in Yaramoor.”

At Yaramoor, at the National Film and Television College…

Freyja arrived at the office with her script. She knocked on the door and entered after getting
permission. She placed the script on the desk and said, “Professor, I have made

the changes as you requested. Please take a look at them.”

Professor Merlin put on his glasses and started to read through the script. After a short while, he raised
his head from the script, and his face was filled with shock. He looked at the script again and then
nodded in satisfaction.

“I like the transformation of this mother. Making a good suspense script is very difficult as you must
ensure everything is connected and logical. However, compared to the script you made before the
revision, the character of the mother has become much more fleshed


Freyja replied, “If we followed the script before the revision, the readers would definitely think that the
mother was the murderer because her existence itself was highly controversial. For example, you said
that once people believe something to be true, it’ll be hard to change their minds. They all think that the
mother is the murderer, but actually, we’re just throwing dust in their eyes.”

Professor Merlin put the script down and looked at her. “I’ve had my students try this type of mystery
movie script, but only a few of them can master it. I like the way you handled it.”

Freyja smiled. “Thank you.”

He handed the script back to her and said, “This is a wonderful script. I like it. Congratulations, you’ve
passed the assessment.”

Freyja made a bow at him and exited the office.

She hugged the script in her arms and took a deep breath. It had taken her a month to complete the
script. Now that she had passed the assessment, she needed to start preparing a short film. She would
only be considered a part of the circle after getting an award.

When she came out of the institution, she saw Colton waiting in the car. She walked over and got into
the car. “Didn’t I say you don’t have to come to pick me up?”

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